Mobile App is A Great Way for You to Leverage Jackrabbit Data

One of the most worthwhile things you can do with your mobile app is to make it easier for your families to use your Jackrabbit data. It can actually be a conduit between you and your families.

When they start using your app, parents can reach into the parts of Jackrabbit that you want them to see and use.

Gymfinity_5PhoneStack“We’re excited that the app we developed with Mobile Inventor is so closely integrated with Jackrabbit. It puts registration, class and payment capabilities in the pockets of our parents and opens up a pipeline for direct communication with them. It’s very powerful.” 

J Orkowski of Gymfinity

By simply pulling out their smartphones, your organization’s parents can open your app to see class details and the schedules for upcoming sessions, calendars and details of upcoming events. They can enroll, pay or request make-ups.  These things are simplified and eliminate a few steps it takes to do the same activities in a parent portal. After all, once in the app, your parents can just choose the activity they want to do from your app’s menu – and do it.

PeakKids_3PhoneStack“Parents using our mobile app can quickly enroll their child before their preferred class sells out and they know the second we know that a class won’t be held. It definitely keeps them on the forefront of our communications and helps us to create our own demand factor.”

Mardi Obray of Peak Kids

You can include in your app, many other things that parents may want to quickly access like your Facebook page and photos, your videos on Instagram.

Barron_5PhoneStack“We’ve basically put parent portal functionality on their phones – right next to their Facebook and banking apps. We’ve elevated our services for parents and given them conveniences in doing business with us that other children’s facilities aren’t providing.”

Scott Barron of Barron Gymnastics

By bringing these things together into a single app with your Jackrabbit features, you given them single-touch interaction with everything they need to interact with you.

You can layer conveniences on top of Jackrabbit’s powerful features. Push notifications make the conduit between you and your parents complete because – just as they can access their information in your business – you can put messages directly in front of them on their smartphones.

5-phone-stacked-Little-Otter (2)“We can communicate critical business news, like closures due to weather or special events or times that parents need to be aware of. This is definitely a way that we can stay ahead of the curve.”

John Kirk of Little Otter Swim School

Just a few years ago, who would have thought that all of these conveniences could be so easily accessed from one device that parents carry in their purses or pockets?

Idle time – such as sitting in school pick-up lines, waiting in doctors’ offices or watching a swim lesson – can suddenly become useful.  It gives parents a way to do things better like:

  • Get a spot in preferred classes as soon as enrollment opens.
  • Make payments – such as required deposits – quickly.
  • Read necessary equipment or apparel lists on the fly.
  • Know – at a moment’s notice – when a class has been cancelled or changed.

It’s so convenient that it can be life-changing for parents whether they have one child in one program, or many children in many programs.

About the Author:

Ty McDowell is the founder and Technical Director at Mobile Inventor. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and he has helped Mobile Inventor become the number one mobile solution for parent-centric organizations by providing useful and engaging mobile apps that help parents stay connected. Learn more about Mobile Inventor at

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