New Information on Avoiding Muscle Cramps

You may think there’s nothing else that you can say about this topic. But there is!

There has been a new series of studies on runners that reveals something new.

It’s a fact that cramps are debilitating. And they seem to come when you expect them least. Common knowledge attributes cramps to hydration levels. Because of this many dancers, swimmers gymnasts – in fact, performance artists and athletes of all types – carefully consider how much to drink and eat before they ever move.

There are also those who believe in drinking pickle juice or vigorously rub the cramped area.

In reality, none of these are quite right.

The true cause of cramps is fatigued muscles.

So – if fatigue is the cause – how do you keep muscle cramps from sidelining you?

The aforementioned studies show that runners over-exert themselves at the beginning of their runs. Cramps ensue and plague them during their run.

The answer isn’t water (or pickle juice) but rest and pace.

So whatever your choice – runner, dancer, swimmer, or cheer professional – rest up, pace yourself and stretch thoroughly before and after your activity.

If you cramps are really bad – like you’re continually plagued by them – it might help you to keep a cramp journal or diary. Record every detail about your cramps. Once you have some “data,” you can identify patterns that you can try to avoid so your cramps down crimp your performance.

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