How to streamline staff scheduling with Jackrabbit Dance

Who wouldn’t want to make staff scheduling easier at their dance studio? That would be a dream. But do you know how to streamline staff scheduling at your dance studio? Not exactly? No worries!

To make staff scheduling more successful and less stressful, this article highlights how using dance studio scheduling software will help you manage staff schedules like a pro.

What is dance studio scheduling software?

Dance studio scheduling software is a business management application that helps you run your business anytime, anywhere. In addition to tuition billing and parent engagement, the right dance studio scheduling software helps your studio manage multiple types of schedules. Anything from class schedules, room schedules, recital schedules, staff schedules, and more can be set up and tracked through your dance studio scheduling software.

For the purposes of streamlining staff scheduling, this article will focus on the latter-staff schedules, and how dance studio software makes creating staff schedules easier.

How does dance studio software make creating staff schedules easier?

Staff can easily let you know when they are available.

You likely have a good mix of full-time and part-time staff at your dance studio. Managing their availability shouldn’t be a balancing act. You should have an easy way for staff and instructors to let you know when they are available to work and when they need time off. 

Dance studio scheduling software puts your staff in the driver’s seat to let you know when they are available. Through a comprehensive staff portal, staff at your studio can enter their own availability and time off to help you make creating and managing schedules a breeze. 

Staff scheduling software prevents double booking teachers.

Did you ever think you had the perfect class schedule only to realize you double booked your best instructor? Mistakes like these can be overlooked when using paper or spreadsheets to manage schedules at your dance studio. 

Dance studio scheduling software gives you the bumpers you need to keep teachers in their own lane since they can’t be in two places at once!

You can easily find and schedule substitutes.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have to deal with an instructor or front desk staffer calling out. Things come up, right? Just because they do doesn’t mean you should scramble to find additional class coverage. 

When finding a substitute is necessary, you can see other instructors who can provide coverage based on the availability they added to their staff portal. 


You can pay a different rate for different types of hours worked.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of dance studio software is that it allows you to pay staff differently based on the types of classes they teach. 

If Ms. Susie is scheduled as the lead teacher for pre-school classes during the day and an assistant during senior team classes in the evening, she will get paid the correct rate when those classes are taught and her hours are added to the time clock in your studio management application. 

Why do I need dance studio scheduling software?

Your dance studio needs a scheduling software to reduce friction around managing staff schedules. 

When you start operating your studio with a comprehensive studio management software, you’ll notice that it’s easier to:

  • Maintain and grow class enrollment.
  • Help customers register for classes online.
  • Communicate with parents and families.
  • Make working at your studio more convenient for staff and instructors, and so much more.

Are you ready to build your staff schedule with ease? Start your free Jackrabbit Dance account today and get immediate access to the tools you need to streamline scheduling at your dance studio!

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