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Take Care of Your Tights

There’s nothing worse than pulling on your tights and watching a run make its way down your leg. All of the harsh wear we put our tights through on a daily basis can cause them to rip.

PointeMagazine has shared a few simple steps you can take to help extend their lifespan.

    • Read the label: Make sure your tights are made of a sturdy material, like Nylon and Lycra, to ensure a strong hold but also elasticity.
    • Wear the right size. Tights that are too small are more likely to run when they’re overstretched.
    • Hand wash your tights, or put them in a small mesh bag and keep the washing machine on gentle cycle.
    • Always let your tights air dry. The dryer’s strong heat and constant spinning wears down the fibers, thinning your tights and making them more susceptible to holes and runs.
    • Keep your toenails and fingernails short. (Your partner will thank you for this one, too.)
    • Store your tights somewhere safe. A drawer with splintered wood may not be your best choice. Keeping tights in plastic baggies can protect them no matter their housing conditions.
    • If you know you’re going to be pulling your tights off at lightning speed during a quick change, spray them with a strong hold hairspray when you first put them on. They may feel stiffer, but this adds extra binding to its threads for a rapid take-off without complications.
    • If you do get a run, don’t panic. It happens to the best of us. Put the tights on—slowly and carefully—and paint both ends of the run with clear nail polish, then let dry. Doing this with the tights on ensures you’ll cover each ripped thread and that the polish won’t wrinkle or look thick when dried.

What do you do to make your tights last? Share your tips and tricks here!

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