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Technology + Ballet = The Netcracker?

Advertisers have nothing on ballerinas when it comes to being tech savvy. While advertisers think they are slick by tracking shoppers’ cell phone locations using drones, ballerinas are putting high-tech pointe shoes on and creating artwork out of their movements. It’s quite fascinating!

Take a look at this article. There is an accompanying video that demonstrates how the translation is made from 3D motion to 2D strokes.


The creator of E-Traces (Lesia Trubat) is creating digital art out of three-dimensional movement! And taking many aspects of ballet (and other dance genres) to new levels in self-learning, helping to teach, or creating new layers for live performances.

This is really amazing – and quite exciting to think about how technology can enhance things.

Please read this – You’re sure to find it fascinating!

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