5 Ways to Get a Jump Start on Your Summer Dance Camp Planning

With January weather all around us, summer warmth seems forever away. But, when it comes to owning a dance studio, you know that it’s never too early to start planning your seasonal offerings – especially for summer camps.  Here are a couple of things you can do to help you get a jump start on […]

The Importance of Inclusivity at Your Dance Studio

inclusive dance studio

Much like the art of dance, inclusivity brings people of all backgrounds, skill levels and ways of life together. As a dance studio owner, inclusivity is something to be celebrated and embraced in order to create a studio that thrives. But why is inclusivity important? Inclusivity is more than just a buzzword and it’s important […]

4 Ways to Bring in High-Quality Leads to Your Dance Studio

When trying to build your dance studio enrollment count, there can be a lot of conflicting information out there. While there are many ways to grow your studio, the bottom line is that you need to keep the students you have and bring in new leads. By nurturing this relationship with high-quality leads, you are […]

Recital Organization: Top Tips for a Streamlined Performance

Tips for a Streamlined Performance

With recital season coming to a close it’s time for dance studio owners to reflect on what worked and what could have gone a little better. Even the best studios hit a few walls in both the recital planning process and on the day of the big event.  A few difficulties from this year might […]

How Academy 831 Uses Jackrabbit Integrations to Supercharge Business

Academy 831 Uses Jackrabbit Dance Integration Partners to Supercharge Business | Jackrabbit Dance

Krista Casey founded Academy 831 in Brea, California in 2015 after taking eight years off from owning her first dance studio. With her children being older, she and her husband knew it was the right time and the right opportunity to own a studio once again. Between owning the two studios, Krista taught yoga and […]

The 2023 Dance Studio Industry Benchmark Report


Each year, Jackrabbit Dance gathers data from dance studios around the world to bring you the annual Dance Studio Industry Benchmark Report. Key metrics like class size, discount percentages, and month-to-month income growth are all integral to the success of your dance studio. But without context, these numbers may leave you with more questions than […]

6 Essential Dance Studio KPIs and Metrics to Track

6 Essential Dance Studio KPIs and Metrics to Track

You did it! You, finally opened the dance studio you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a place where you get to train, inspire and instill the same fire for the art you’ve had for all these years into the next generation of dancers. You’ve got the drive, you’ve got the skill but you may need some […]

Introducing: The 2023 Dance Studio Industry Benchmark Report

The Dance Studio Industry Benchmark Report

Dance studio owners often catch themselves wondering how they’re doing in comparison to other studios in the industry. Sometimes it’s hard to collect quantitative data that allows you to benchmark your business and instead you may just make guesses.  The team at Jackrabbit has spent the last few weeks sifting through 4 years of data […]

Popular Dance Studio Events That Generate Additional Revenue


Revenue at your dance studio can go through ebbs and flows depending on the time of year. During Spring, you may see increased student enrollment due to upcoming summer camps. As you near the end of Summer, you may see a dip in the number of students enrolling due to other commitments that come with […]

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