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Ten Methods for Posting Hiring Notices

Your staff are the backbone to your business, so finding qualified, professional, knowledgeable, and nurturing individuals is critical to your dance studio’s success.  It is important that you take the time to find, interview, and train individuals that will be an asset to your business.

The following methods for posting job opportunities have proven successful for my dance studio:

1. Craigslist: Craigslist can be an effective posting avenue if you have identified methods that assist in finding excellent instructors that  correspond to the culture of your studio. The way you word your ad can really impact the quality of your applicant pool.

2. Local Colleges/Universities: This avenue can be very effective, especially if you live in an area that boasts colleges/universities with dance programs and/or dance teams). Most universities have a student employment section where you can easily post jobs, too.

3.’s job listing segment charges a small fee for postings, but the post will reach an extensive talent pool. This could be an effective avenue if you’re looking to hire a full-time employee or director.

4. Local or State Dance Groups, Organizations, and Alliances: Familiarize yourself with the dance groups, organizations, and alliances in your state. These are excellent resources for hiring new instructors.

5. Local or Regional Theatre Groups: Network with your area theatre groups. Often, networks are expansive, and connections can point you in the direction of interested individuals.

6. Training Younger, Less Experienced Instructors with Potential Through an Apprenticeship Program: This avenue is highly effective for long-term planning. If you see a student or college student with potential, take the time to train them as an instructor. They will adapt to your culture and will be a stronger asset to your business.
7. Relying on Your Personal Network: Think about everyone you connect with in re: to dance and dance studios. When you are seeking new employees, ask your network for the names of people that might recommend. You will be amazed at how many people know other people.

8. Dance Organizations (Dance Masters of America Chapters, Dance Educators of America, etc.): If you are a member of a professional dance organization, you automatically have access to a variety of other dance professionals that could offer insight about prospective instructors.

9. Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook: Never underestimate the power of social media! Put your post out via as many online avenues as possible.

10. Your Studio Website: List employment opportunities and procedures on your studio’s website.
Keep in mind that the wording of your ad will directly correlate with the types of applicants received. Be specific, and make sure your post conveys the culture of you studio.

For more advice on Staff Management, please reference The Dance Exec’s Staff Management Guide.

Happy Hiring!


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