The Heartbleed Virus Does Not Put Jackrabbit Data at Risk

We know that there is concern over the Heartbleed Virus that has been announced in the media recently.  Please be assured that no Jackrabbit data has been affected by this virus. This is a bug affecting web servers using the “OpenSSL” software library which Jackrabbit DOES NOT USE

There is always reason to be alarmed when a situation like this arises, however, your concerns can be abated because this virus does not impact Jackrabbit. We have a policy of openness with our customers about anything affecting Jackrabbit data. And we can reiterate that we know for certain that our servers nor any data that we use and store is or has been at risk of compromise or exposure due to the Heartbleed Virus.

We’re happy to provide some information about the heartbeat virus so you can become more informed about it.

Please take a look at these links for more general details about the virus:  

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