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4 Things You’ll Love About the New Jackrabbit Dance

The new Jackrabbit Dance is here and I’m here to tell you that you’re going to love it!

Early this summer, Jackrabbit began rolling out updates to its user interface to give dance studio owners, directors and managers a best-in-class user experience, along with an eye-catching new look and feel. The Next Generation user experience, or Jackrabbit 2.0 as we like to call it, is just the start of great things to come at Jackrabbit Dance. 

Have you been on the fence when it comes to subscribing? Well I’m here to help you make your decision. Here are 4 reasons to give the new Jackrabbit Dance a try:  

4 things you’ll love about the new Jackrabbit Dance

It’s never been easier to get set-up

I get it. New tech tools can be tough. But there is something to be said about a company who makes setting up and implementing a new class management software easy. 

(It says they love you and respect your sanity!)

Whether you want to go the do-it-yourself setup route, work exclusively with a team of product coaches or a combination of the two, getting started with Jackrabbit Dance has never been easier. 

We’re not saying the old Jackrabbit was wrong. It was, and still is the industry’s most reliable and robust dance studio management software. However, the new user interface and menu layout makes for a more intuitive workflow, which makes getting started a breeze.

[—> You had me at breeze. Start my 30-day Free Trial today!]

Access family, student and class data faster

What makes a good studio management system great? Customization

It’s safe to assume that not every staff member at your studio has the same role, right? You’ve got someone to man the front desk as well as instructors, managers and directors who all may need to use your class management application in a different manner. 

The new Jackrabbit Dance allows you to tailor the application to the specific needs of your dance studio. 

Take reporting, for example. If I’m a manager tasked with scheduling classes for an upcoming season, I’m going to rely on a completely different set of reports than the director who may prefer to exclusively view reports on income categories. 

The benefit of customization in the new Jackrabbit Dance is that each staff member with access to the platform can save their own favorite views for repeat use. Saving time not remembering reporting filters saves you time, money and sanity! 

Communicate with one or multiple families easier

Effective communication is a major building block when forging relationships. 

At a time when parents need reliable and safe activities for their children to participate in most, don’t let a lack of communication be their reason for not enrolling. 

Do you suspect you have a higher number of inactive families than you did the same time last year? The new Jackrabbit Dance allows you to quickly filter family data by active status, and, with the click of a button, start drafting an email to all inactive families with an invitation to re-enroll in classes!

Simplify the process of sharing resources with students and staff

Close your eyes and imagine the time when you’ll need to share recital information with families. I’m talking about edited music files, photos of costumes, performance order documentation, links to recorded choreography and so much more. 

Pretty awesome, right? I think so, too! 

The team didn’t stop at expanding the file types resources you’re allowed to upload. The cherry on top of this enhancement is that you now have the ability to upload multiple resources to every student in a class all at the same time. [insert happy dance here]

Overall, the new Jackrabbit Dance will change your relationship with studio management for the better. Are you ready to give it a try? 

Start my Free Trial!

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