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Use Facebook to Take Interaction with Customers to a New Level

Social Media is So In right now – but also So Useful for our marketing in our small business! We strongly take advantage of Facebook, YouTube, Google Alerts and other web-based things as tools for marketing our business! 

Facebook would have to be our Big One right now. It’s how we connect to our “fans” and customers on a daily basis – even when we don’t see them in the flesh.

  • If we are at a dance competition, pictures go up daily of kids before they go on stage, posing for pictures in costumes, or smiling with their awards.
  • Deadline coming up for T-Shirt orders? That goes up with a link of the order form as a reminder to everyone to turn in their information so we can include them on the order!
  • We also post important upcoming events and performing in the community so that people can find us here and there. Other things, such as famous dance quotes, pretty dance Pinterest pictures, amazing YouTube videos, and old pictures from past years go up regularly and make our Facebook page something our “fans” want to check on often to see what we “posted today”!

Facebook really is a great way to share our daily life with our patrons and an amazing way for new clientele to see what we are about. They can watch videos to see levels of our dancers and to see pictures to get more of an idea of what we stand for.

Do we see results? Yes!

Normally, after a dance competition, we will see an increase in our “fans” traffic on the Facebook page as they are posting videos, pictures, congratulations and thanks to teachers and other kids. At the same time, our new “fan base” grows as we have newly-interested people sparked from competition who “like” our page to keep track of us and find more information!

It’s really important to keep this ever changing and new. You don’t want someone to not check your page often because they feel like you don’t update it! Facebook now has over 300 million users, and while that seems like an outrageous number for small businesses to be targeting, it offers a very powerful platform on which to build a presence. For a studio of around 600 kids, we currently have 2,500 fans and we see that grow every day!

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