Dance students rehearsing dance moves.

12 Good Habits for Your Dancers to Develop

Becoming a dancer means something special. Dancing isn’t a sport, but more of an art form that commands the respect and commitment of those who embody it. Dancers, in turn, earn a unique respect and admiration for their ability to exhibit the grace and skill that it takes to dance. There are good habits that dancers should develop that help them to become that special person who is a dancer. By developing these habits, young dancers are inviting the opportunity to enhance not only their childhood with an amazing activity but they instill in themselves important lifelong character traits: poise, self-confidence, perseverance, grace, respect, positivity, pride, compassion, altruism, and love for their art.

  1. If you’re late, wait for the okay from your teacher to enter the dance floor. Once permission is granted, find an easily accessible, inconspicuous place to warm up or start participating. Don’t disrupt the class more by trying to apologize for your tardiness. Do it after class. Just wait for the okay from your teacher to enter the dance floor. Once permission is granted, find an easily accessible or inconspicuous place to warm up or participate.
  2. If you are sitting, or sitting out, sit tall. Never lie down. As a dancer, you should always exhibit good posture.
  3. Don’t visibly yawn or show boredom. You may get away with it in a lecture hall, but not dance class.
  4. Develop spatial awareness (understanding where you are on the dance floor) and demonstrate it.
  5. Give the instructor space, but not too much space. Be bold in trying your steps and combinations instead of shy and tentative in your efforts.
  6. Avoid dancing in the front of the class unless you really know the combination. You may be able to pick up moves you’re unsure of by watching others who are in front and you won’t distract other dancers if you have a few missteps.
  7. Refrain from correcting others. The teacher is the only one in the class with that job.
  8. Don’t quit in the middle of the room, of the combination, or of the class. Go with the flow – even if you’re lost or confused. If you do, you will stop traffic – which is something you should never do.
  9. When you’re exiting the floor, don’t cross center or the paths of other dancers.
  10. It’s okay to mark combinations while you wait for your turn but only if you are out of the way and don’t disrupt or distract others.
  11. Do not repeatedly leave and then come back in without permission.
  12. If you find you have too many questions about something, save them for after class. Be respectful of the other students in your class.

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