12 Traits the Elite Dancer Exhibits

Elite dancers rise above others with the quality of their skills and gracefulness on the floor. There are also some traits that establish dancers as elite by exhibiting their manners and consideration for their fellow students and their instructors. These elite dancers have “class.” They are well on the road to embodying lifelong character building traits and a deep love for and commitment to dance. Elite dancers hunger to learn more, to improve their skills and artistic presence.

Here are twelve elite traits:

  1. Bring a towel to wipe your sweat and germs off the floor or barre.
  2. Don’t take a class way above your skill level. If this mistake is already made, do your best, but stay out of the way of other dancers.
  3. “I can’t” is not in your vocabulary. This means that you never walk out of a class or go sit down because it’s too hard or you feel frustrated. Besides branding yourself as a quitter, this behavior is considered rude.
  4. Once you’ve “claimed” a space on the floor or in a group, you can pretty much consider it to be yours. Whether you like it or not, love with it.
  5. If someone takes the spot that you’ve “claimed,” don’t get pushy and try to reclaim it. Simply move to another spot that is not occupied and continue participating.
  6. Applaud for demonstrators.
  7. At the end of class, it’s especially courteous to offer your personal thanks to the instructor and musician.
  8. If you are in a crowded class, restrain your movement. If you bump into someone, quietly apologize. Don’t make it a big deal. When you’re broken up into groups, you can move more freely.
  9. Never give your opinions on choreography to a teacher or choreographer unless you’ve been asked to do so.
  10. Never take it upon yourself to correct your fellow classmates.
  11. If you want help with something that will take more than a minute or two, do some research on your own and/or schedule a private lesson with your teacher.
  12. Don’t record or photograph anything without permission.

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