What Bar is the Right Bar?

One option for a quick and portable snack is the nutrition bar. Whether store bought or homemade,  bars can provide some of the body’s energy needs either before or after training, competing or performing. Fresh, real and seasonal foods are the best for our bodies, but we’re busy and mobile so having these at hand just isn’t so simple or convenient.

Pre-packaged bars make all sorts of claims on labels so it is important to know how to make sense of what they say to choose the bar that is the best source of nutrition for you. be a great choice for a quick and portable snack.  With all the claims on the labels, how can you tell which ones are best?

Here is a guide for choosing the Right Bar – because – when you’ve identified it, the Right Bar can be a beautiful thing!

How many is the right number of calories?

This number differs widely by age and activity. You may be looking for a quick pre-exercise snack, post-exercise recovery snack or a meal replacement. Short term energy needs can be fulfilled by only 100-200 calories, but longer term energy calls for higher calories to meet working muscle’s needs..


Chart from DanceInforma.com

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