Dance Innovations Dance Center success story blog post.

A Few Favorite Things: What DIDC Loves About Jackrabbit Dance

A recent conversation with Mollie Baron, manager of Dance Innovations Dance Center, provided the opportunity to talk about a few of Mollie’s favorite Jackrabbit Dance things.

“We feel like we are a lot like Jackrabbit – and that makes our relationship work. Neither of us are stuck in our ways, we’re both always improving and always working to be more efficient.”

Jackrabbit Dance has all the bells and whistles, according to Mollie, but she narrowed it down to 6 in this list of her favorite Jackrabbit things.

1. Reports

Reports are potentially the most helpful area in Jackrabbit and provide:

  •       Plenty of options that help to fit the information users are looking for
  •       Favoriting feature that allows valuable or useful reports to be separated out from the complete list

2. Staff Portal

The staff portal has probably inspired the most change in DIDC’s operational processes, helping DIDC to become: 

  •       Paperless
  •       Organized

“It’s very exciting because before really leveraging the staff portal, we always did everything on paper. We’ve been using it full-on for about a year now and it has saved us tons of time. When we added our third studio, the staff portal saved us from time-consuming data entry.”

3. Online Registration

Online registration makes a big difference in how DIDC works. Compared to manual, paper registrations, online registration is:

  •       Easy
  •       Fast
  •       Accurate
  •       Complete 

“We jumped right in with online registration from the start. We knew that was a feature we had to offer to our parents, but it ended up being something that helped our staff too. While the convenience is great for parents, our staff benefits from more accurate records that are always complete. It’s a win for everyone.”

4. Recital Module

The recital module helps keep recital details organized and:

  •       Helps maintain control of events
  •       Provides customizable sign in sheets for the entire recital or specific performances

5. Idea Portal

The idea portal is a unique offering that’s available to all of Jackrabbit’s 6,000+ users. The idea portal:

  •       Puts power in the hands of users
  •       Gives them a place to see all the enhancement ideas and a way to have a voice in the way they are prioritized

6. Parent Portal

The parent portal is a customer-facing tool with a fresh look. The parent portal:

  •       Improves usability of the features
  •       Well-received by parents 

DIDC has been a Jackrabbit client for quite a few years and has watched lots of growth take place.

“Jackrabbit is always there for us. Their support of our organization and attention to our needs is awesome – always.”

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