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What is ePayments & Why do you need it?

ePayments is a Better Way to Collect Fees!

ePayments is a huge umbrella for any commercial transaction conducted electronically on the Internet.  In today’s world, you can buy almost anything online. If you’ve ever purchased something from Amazon, Expedia, Groupon, you’ve used ePayments. It’s very rare that a company does not have an option for you to pay online with the boom of technology.

With Jackrabbit, your customers can pay their bills online too! There are a few different ways they can do this and several reasons we think it’s a priceless feature.

Why will ePayments help your business?

Allow customers to pay online to please them.

Through the parent portal, your customers can pay their bill 24/7. This is a huge benefit to your customers to be able to see their account at their convenience. Having customers pay online will decrease the amount of questions to your front desk dramatically.

Reduce the amount of aged receivables.

Finding out who owes you money has never been easier. With one click of a button, you can see which customers have an outstanding balance. From there, you can contact the customer knowing exactly how much they owe and what the charges are for.

Enter payment information once and let families update from there.

Eliminate manually entering credit card numbers or bank draft information on a monthly basis by saving the information securely through one of our preferred gateway partners. This will cut down staff hours to process payments, managing follow ups, and less margin for error.

With the parent portal, your customers can update their information on their own. If an address changes, card expires, etc. they can login and change that without having to contact the front desk.

Keep payments and fees organized.

Each family has a transaction tab showing what they have been charged for, what they have paid, any credits to the account, and an outstanding balance. This is very easy to understand and the customer can even see this information through their portal.

With one of Jackrabbit’s preferred providers, receipts for payments are automatically emailed directly to you and your customer.

Smoother cash flow with mass posting fees and payments.

You can run batch payments in Jackrabbit meaning that a fee will post to each customer’s account with the click of one button. Not having to go into each family’s account to post a fee saves hours of time each month. To save even more time, customers with a credit card or bank draft can be set up for recurring payments. That way, when you collect payments, you can do it in a huge group to ensure timely payments.

What do you need to process payments?

To process payments in Jackrabbit you’ll need a gateway account, and a merchant processing account.  The gateway’s role translates transactions submitted through Jackrabbit from ‘bunny’ language into ‘banking’ language. It also stores families’ payment information safely in a secure ‘vault’; protecting both you and your client’s sensitive information! The gateway then forwards the payment on to the merchant processor who works with the bank to settle payment(s).

How can you take payments?

After you choose one of Jackrabbit’s preferred providers, you have a few options on how you want to collect payments from your customers.

  1. Parent Portal – If you take advantage of this free feature, your customers can make payments directly through their portal.
  2. Credit Card – You can take payments individually or process them in batches [groups].
  3. Bank Draft – You can take payments individually or process them in batches [groups]. *Not available in all countries.

Note: This is a high level view of how you can take payments. For further details, please ask your gateway provider or our support team.

How do you get started?

The first step in getting started with ePayments in Jackrabbit is to contact one of our preferred providers. They will assist you with getting those accounts setup.

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Learn more about our preferred providers here.

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