Why You Should Keep Teaching Dance Online After COVID-19

Now that we’re several weeks into our new virtual routines, the question for studio owners becomes: What aspects of your new normal will you keep when social distancing requirements get lifted and you’re able to reconnect with students in the dance studio?  

If you transitioned to an online dance studio model, chances are you did a lot of research to ensure your new set-up would allow you to be successful. Here are four reasons why we believe you shouldn’t let the momentum behind your virtual studio slow down. And why you should keep teaching dance online. 

4 reasons why you should keep teaching dance online 

You have added a huge resource to supplement your students

There’s more to teaching dance classes online than simply showing up to class in your living room. 

When you transitioned your dance studio to a digital platform, you did a lot of research on online tools to help your team work remotely and to find ways to share online classes with your students. 

Having a system in place that allows you to easily manage resources, such as individual class links and worksheets is not only valuable in a time when face-to-face interaction is limited. The resources you’re creating now can be tailored to supplement student development when in-person classes resume, too. 

Whether it’s team-building exercises, at-home core strengthening materials, celebratory dance parties or dance history quizzes – you have the opportunity to get creative in the way you use this online studio when things return to normal.

You can reach a new demographic of students

Your dance students aren’t the only people affected by social distancing. Many parents and adults find themselves trying to patch the holes in their daily routine, which includes exercising. 

Perhaps you’ve already created some adult classes to add to your digital offering, or maybe you’re considering it. If you keep classes fun and connect with parents in a way that allows them to incorporate their own personal interests in class, you’ll develop a more loyal customer who is more likely to bring their child back to your studio and show up for digital classes themselves in the future. 

You can grow your student base outside your community

Just because your community of students can’t physically be in your dance studio, doesn’t mean you can’t use this time to grow your student base.

Do me a favor and answer these questions:

  • Does your studio attend regional and national conventions or competitions?
  • Do your students have friends and family across the country who also dance? 
  • Do any of your instructors have a large following on their social media accounts? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your sphere of influence extends well beyond the four walls of your dance studio. 

Remember, not all dance studios transitioned to an online model like you did. So use your extended reach to access prospective students who may not have the opportunity to attend online classes at their dance studio. 

You can employ different instructors

When you transitioned to an online dance model, did you update instructor contracts to allow them to teach or not teach outside of your dance studio? 

We’re not saying one way over the other is correct. Different strokes for different folks, right? 

Food for thought: if a long-time friend, and someone you respect in the dance education community lives across the country and doesn’t have a line in their contract restricting them from teaching in a virtual studio, consider bringing that person on as a new instructor at your studio! 

Whether you hire them to choreograph a routine, teach weekly classes or feature their choreography once a month in masterclasses, this variety will strengthen your virtual presence even after in-person classes resume. 

Whatever you do, make sure your teachers feel supported and are armed with the resources they need to teach dance classes online. 

Ready to transition your dance classes online? 

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