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You Don’t Have to Suffer Through One-at-a-Time Processing

Posting Tuition Fees and Credit Card Processing can be done en masse!

Did you know that, with just a few clicks, you can tremendously reduce the time it takes to complete these two all-consuming activities?

The ability to “mass process” is one of the biggest time savers that Jackrabbit offers. It can literally turn 3 hours’ worth of one-at-a-time work into 3 minutes of simple clicks. (And those savings estimates come directly from a Jackrabbit user!)

According to Sam Beckford from the Academy of Dance and Music, “It makes no sense to choose to work harder. That is why we have Jackrabbit. We don’t have to put in more hours to do more. It lets us live our lives at the end of the day.”

Using Jackrabbit, you will never again need to key in individual credit card information for tedious processing and approval or go into each family for posting their fees and then to process payments. Once you have your families set up correctly, these processes are simple, fast, accurate and convenient.

Mass Posting Tuition Fees

The devil truly is in the details because the key to making this run smoothly is setting up your process appropriately for the way your fees work. But lots of focus in the beginning makes for quick work in the end. The time savings is truly phenomenal. Think of all of the “other things” you can do with the time you save!

When you post fees to multiple families, you can apply discounts, you can check for duplicate fees and you can preview what you’re preparing to post so you can “uncheck” any family who shouldn’t be included in this mass post. Jackrabbit even gives you the ability to post fees by total hours in addition to posting them by class. You simply process 2 groups.

Post tuition fees, annual fees, group fees, class fees, costume fees, tuition by hours, events easily and quickly with just a few simple clicks to the group of your choice.

You decide:

  • Who the fees are posted to
  • When to post the fees
  • What types of fees are posted
  • If multi-student and/or multi-class discounts should be applied
  • If there are any miscellaneous discounts that should be applied

The options are endless!

Wait – there is a bonus! You don’t have to do the set up more than once either. Jackrabbit gives you the ability to create favorites.

Watch a video about posting tuition fees for multiple families and learn more details about this process in the Jackrabbit Help Center.  Jackrabbit Help Center: Contents>How To Guide>Transactions (Fees & Payments)>Post a Fee/Bill a Customer/Post Fees to Multiple Families

Mass Processing Credit Cards

If you’re wondering how you know if any cards were declined or transactions failed, wonder no longer! Jackrabbit provides a report that details out every transaction. You only need to spend time going back to the failed or declined transactions to see what happened and resolve the issues.

You can still mass process if you have both bank draft and credit card clients. You simply process 2 groups – one with all bank drafts and one with all credit cards. So if you think that your payments can’t be mass processed, get in touch with a support expert because it’s likely that you can use this time-saving feature in some way to reduce your time spent processing credit cards to an amazingly low amount.

All families who have fees due and have a credit card on file can be processed by making a couple of key selections and submitting them. Voila – you’re done!

You have a few options for collecting payments. By using the Transaction Menu-> Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts, you can select the fees you would like to pay. For instance:

  • Collect the families’ full balance due.
  • Collect specific types of fees.
  • Collect fees posted during a specific date range.

These processes make it quite simple to get a tremendous amount of work done by doing a little set up and making a few mouse clicks.

Watch a video about processing “batch” payments and learn more details about this process in the Jackrabbit Help Center. Jackrabbit Help Center: Contents>ePayments Help>Use ePayments>Process Multiple Credit Cards/Bank Acct

Please reach out to us if you’ve reviewed all of our information and you still have questions. We’re here to help. Of course, the best way to contact support is through the “Support” button when you’re logged into your software. We’re here to help!

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