Jackrabbit vs Dance Studio Pro

Jackrabbit vs. Dance Studio Pro

Jackrabbit gives you features
that Dance Studio Pro can’t offer.

Advanced features with an unbeatable value, Jackrabbit has it all.
Still not convinced? We have the fact sheet to prove it.

Hear from customers who switched

Christina Bezuidenhout, Diversity Dance

“Jackrabbit’s customer service is ridiculously awesome. Friendly, helpful and smart people are there to answer questions or get us out of whatever jam we’ve managed to get ourselves into.”

Jackie Lemoine, N-Step Dance

“Because we’ve been so focused on efficiency and value, Jackrabbit was the obvious choice for managing the studio’s operations. Jackrabbit is incredibly full-featured that we will never out-grow it.”

Jackrabbit’s Support Options

• Personal Jumpstart Coach – our experts can help you set up your database for free.
• Phone – our support team is here for you if you would prefer to talk with us.
• Chat – great option for a quick question you want answered immediately.
• Email – our response time is less than 20 minutes during business hours.

DSP’s Support Options

• No phone support.
• Email only support.

Jackrabbit’s Mobile App

• $25/mo for both Apple iPhone and Android.
• NO contract required.

DSP’s Mobile App

• $25/mo for Apple iPhone.
• Additional $25/mo for Android.
• 1 year contract required.

Jackrabbit’s Customer Portal

• Parents can easily tell which fees have been paid.
• Parents can view which fees are owed.
• Parents can choose which fees to pay.

DSP’s Customer Portal

• Parents can not tell which fees have been paid.
• Difficult to understand which fees are owed.

Jackrabbit’s Limitless Features

• Jackrabbit is here to help you with all of your business operations. From organizing student information ,to billing, to recitals, to payroll, to parent communications, and costume management, our features are in-depth and customizable to your needs.
• Efficiently run reports with filters and search criteria, then save the settings for frequently-run reports. Huge time saver!
• Easily export your data and reports into an Excel file.
• With the Time Clock, you can export data to QuickBooks or Jackrabbit’s payroll partner, Express Payroll, with one click.

DSP’s Restricted Features

• Limited capabilities and options for exporting data and reports into a file.
• Difficult to run reports with filters or search criteria. For example, you can run a report with ALL birthdays, but not just January birthdays.
• Time clock tracks simple hours worked.
• No QuickBooks Online integration.
• No payroll integration.
• This all translates into time-consuming day-to-day tasks.

Jackrabbit’s Customizable Class Schedule

• You can view monthly, weekly, daily and room schedules.
• Classes are color coded to provide easy viewing.
• Quickly create new classes by double clicking the appropriate time on the calendar.
• Easily see when you have opening or time conflicts at a glance.

DSP’s Class Schedule

• Harder to keep yourself and your staff organized without an overview of the schedule.
• View a list of classes, not broken down by day, instructor, or location.
• Enroll a student in a class in the calendar section.

Jackrabbit’s Robust Executive Dashboard

• Alerts are automatically synced on your dashboard so you can quickly keep up with waitlists, incomplete time entries, absences, birthdays and more.
• Monitor the financial side of your business with the aged accounts alerts synced to your dashboard. Stay on top of who owes you money with a quick glance.
• Compare your current month revenue to the prior two years revenue with the revenue chart.
• Quickly check in on your enrollment on your dashboard without running a report.

DSP’s Dashboard

• No alerts for important daily numbers: birthdays, aged accounts, new enrollments, wait lists, or absences.
• View a bar graph of the Cash Posted vs. Billed for past 12 months only.

Jackrabbit’s ePayment Options

• Jackrabbit works with two different credit card processors who do business with thousands of dance studios, specializing in your business, providing you with lower rates.
• New option available with no monthly processing fee.

DSP’s ePayment Options

• Only work with Paypal and Stripe.
• Only work with Stripe to get full ePayment functionality.
• Higher transaction processing rates.

Jackrabbit’s Strong Email Management

• Filters available for group emailing is extensive (including global, location, session, class, account delinquency, day of week, age, payment membership type and many more!).
• See a bounced report for undeliverable emails.
• View sent emails from each family’s account.
• Custom email creation options for font and color, embedded images, pre-loaded templates which can be edited or create your own. Dropbox attachments available.

DSP’s Limited Email Functionality

• Basic filters for group emailing (global, location, session, or class only).
Inability to see a list of bounced emails and sent emails.
• Plain text and file attachment, can save plain text as a template.

Customers who have converted from Dance Studio Pro

Industry Leader Endorsements for Jackrabbit

Christina Wiginton
CK Danceworks

“Parents can sign their kids up for dance at three o’clock in the morning …. Everything is at their fingertips.”

Adam Barret
Temecula Dance Company

“My multi-location, data-intensive business is now simple to expand and manage because of Jackrabbit’s centralized, web-based system.”

Suzanne Blake Gerety
Kathy Blake Dance Studios

“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”

Sam Beckford
School of Music and Dance

“It makes no sense to choose to work harder. We don’t have to put in more hours to do more. Jackrabbit lets us live our lives at the end of the day.”

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