Time Clock

Time Clock for Dance Studios

Time Entry

Track dance staff hours in one place. Staff members enter their time, and all you have to do is approve entered time. Jackrabbit Dance software offers three options in Jackrabbit for time entry: clock in/out, manual in/out and total hours. It’s easy to identify incomplete time entries.

Permissions for Security

You can set permissions differently for specific staff members, making it easy to manage what staffers can and can’t view. This helps you manage your business and keep everybody on the same page.

Use multiple levels of permissions to control what different instructors and managers see. Give managers permission to approve staff time.

Schedules for Staff

Help staff stay on task and organized with online schedules. They view classes, times, dates and meetings you want them to attend. As a manager, you have visibility into staff schedules, keeping you on top of the business.

Staff Email

Communicate quickly and conveniently with staff through email. Share news and announcements or address issues. Save time by emailing all of your staff in one email. Email active or inactive staff, class instructors and other positions within Jackrabbit Dance. Need a substitute instructor? Email helps you find another teacher in a flash.

Staff Portal

The Jackrabbit Dance staff portal includes the time clock. Staff can login to the portal to view announcements, record hours worked and take attendance for the classes they teach. Mobile friendly, the staff portal is easy to use and access on a tablet or phone.

Important things to know before getting started:

  1. The Time Clock has been renamed Staff Portal.
  2. Students can be marked as present or absent in the Staff Portal. Inside the app, you will only see absences or attendances as you’re used to seeing.
  3. The attendance pages in the Staff Portal have been made mobile aware when using smart phones or tablets.
  4. New settings were added:
    1. Staff Portal/Time Clock Settings: Staff Session Time Out Limit, Ability to turn on/off Attendance and Time Clock features separately, Family/Student Display Options for specific information and Attendance Save Options
    2. Staff’s Staff Portal tab: All staff’s settings were moved from the Time Clock tab to a new Staff Portal tab. New settings include: Choose what type of classes the staff person can see in the Staff Portal and whether a staff person can enter attendance or not.


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