A Bunny Takes The Stage

At Jackrabbit, we know the challenges you face each and every day. That’s because our origin stems from exactly where you are right now – a class-based business. As a former gym owner, Jackrabbit co-founder and president Mark Mahoney experienced the same obstacles that all studio owners do, but when he looked for a solution none existed. That’s why he and co-founder Mike Carper set out to invent online dance studio software.

When Jackrabbit jumped onto the stage of online dance studio software almost over a decade ago, we were the first in the industry. Today, Jackrabbit helps over 11,000 schools in all 50 states and 20 countries thrive and prosper. While there are now other choices for online dance studio software, there are simply no others like Jackrabbit. Since the beginning, Jackrabbit has always put our users needs as the top priority; helping them grow their businesses by listening to their input and responding to their needs.

Jackrabbit can do this because we have the largest development and support team in the industry. Not that you will need it, but should you ever have a question, our can reach our friendly and experienced support specialists by phone, chat or email and we take great pride in our rapid response times.

All these years later, we still care about our users and seek to improve every day. Guided by Mark’s insight and experience in the class-based business industry, we set studios in motion and get them performing like never before.