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Running the business side of your dance studio can be challenging. It doesn’t have to be. That’s why we built Jackrabbit. We wanted to help people like you run a successful studio while having more time to do what you love. By supporting you, we’re furthering the success of the students you teach.

Affordable, our software delivers online registration and a parent portal, billing and payment automation, costume and recital management, QuickBooks interface to speed accounting and point-of-sale capabilities. All your management requirements are in one, easy-to-access spot.

We’ve been in business for more than 10 years. Jackrabbit is trusted by more than 5,000 customers worldwide, making it the studio management software leader. Our secure servers reside in the same datacenter as many of the world’s top banks. We make security our highest priority, so you can rest easy knowing your students’ data is safe and secure.

Want to try Jackrabbit Dance? We offer a 30-day free trial. There’s no long-term obligation or credit card required to get started. You can sign up in six easy steps that our Getting Started Guide will walk you through.

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Go mobile with the Jackrabbit app

The Jackrabbit Dance mobile app lets instructors take attendance and send texts to parents from their mobile devices. The app provides parents with an easy-to-use tool to stay on top of their child’s lessons and get push notifications.

Jackrabbit Dances also makes your studio more eco-friendly. Why? It helps you reduce paper use, expense and waste. With everything you need to run your studio online, you access Jackrabbit anytime, anywhere. The convenience is unbeatable. Whether your dance studio is large or small, Jackrabbit scales to suit your needs. At Jackrabbit, each of our employees is committed to you, your staff and your students. Our goal? Helping help you and your dance studio thrive in a changing, competitive marketplace. Let us work with you.

Getting started and setting up Jackrabbit are easy. We provide proactive support and training. Video tutorials deliver expert training on how to use Jackrabbit studio management software. Plus, real people are ready to help, too. Our top-notch customer success staff are excited to assist you via phone support, email or live chat.

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial. It lets you test drive our studio software platform for yourself. Get rolling by reviewing our Getting Started Guide. In just six easy steps, you’ll be ready use the best dance studio software. There’s no credit card required, and no strings attached.

How Jackrabbit Dance Software Can Streamline Your Dance Studio, Part 1

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of opening a dance studio, but the managerial and operational aspects of the job seem too intimidating. Or maybe you already run an existing dance studio, but you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork. If you can relate to either of these scenarios, the Jackrabbit Dance class management software system could be your key to boosting customer satisfaction, reducing stress, and increasing efficiency. Whether you’re searching for help with the establishment or day-to-day operation of your dance studio, Jackrabbit Dance is here to meet your software needs. Below, we’ll explore some of the ways our system can help get your studio off the ground and keep it running smoothly.

Jackrabbit Dance can improve customer satisfaction with enhanced communications capabilities. Listed below are just a few of the ways how Jackrabbit Dance can help your dance studio better connect with customers.

Simplify Registration

When it comes to running a successful dance studio, customer satisfaction has to be a top priority. By using Jackrabbit class management software, you can help parents register their dancers more quickly and easily than they would with outdated pen-and-paper registration sheets. They won’t have to come in and fill out paperwork during class hours. Instead, they can enroll students online on their computers, tablets, phones, or other electronic devices whenever it best fits their schedules to do so. In today’s busy world, parents appreciate having this flexible option.

You also won’t have to worry about calling around to inform parents of changes to class times or to let them know which classes are filling up. Instead, you can update this vital information online automatically and keep all of your families well briefed on all the most current details about your classes.

Simplify Payments

With Jackrabbit Dance, parents will have the option of paying tuition and fees online rather than having to come into the studio and using a credit card or writing a check. This added convenience will make life easier for you and for your customers. You may also see a reduction in the number of late payments which you receive. As more and more people switch over to online bill payment across the board, adding this feature to your studio’s payment plan makes good business sense.

Simplify Purchasing

The more dance-related items which you can offer for sale at your studio, the fewer items which parents will have to search for elsewhere. This added convenience can further improve your customer satisfaction while also boosting your bottom line.

When you choose to sell dance footwear, practice dancewear, or performance uniforms, it’s important to think of making the point-of-sale as uncomplicated as possible for your customers. Jackrabbit Dance integrates with a secure credit reader. It also takes care of barcode scanning for quick sales and accurate inventory tracking. You can even use Jackrabbit Dance’s inventory reporting to help you determine best-selling items so you’ll know which products to keep in stock. There’s even an automatic reorder reminder feature that will help you know when to restock different items. With Jackrabbit Dance, you’ll be able to tailor your inventory to meet your customer’s unique demands.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Jackrabbit Dance could give your dance studio an edge over the competition. Continue reading with the next two sections below to find out even more reasons why this reliable and innovative software system could be your secret to success.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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How Jackrabbit Dance Software Can Streamline Your Dance Studio, Part 2

Running a dance studio is a complicated job, but somebody’s got to do it! Thankfully, with a trustworthy, state-of-the-art software system such as Jackrabbit Dance, you can finally figure out how to get organized and stay organized. In our first section above, we looked at how Jackrabbit Dance can improve your customer satisfaction. In this next section, we’ll take a look at how this helpful system can reduce headaches involving staff organization.

Jackrabbit Dance software can improve staff organization with the help of advanced technology. Here are some of the main ways how our software system can help you tackle the ins and outs of employee management.

Simplify Your Time Clock

Make life a little easier for yourself and your employees by switching your time clock to Jackrabbit Dance’s streamlined digital staff time tracking system. This convenient system keeps track of all your dance staff work hours in one place. You can use either a clock in/clock out feature, a manual in/out feature, or a total hours feature, depending on your personal preference and what works best for your employees. This system makes it simple to recognize when entries are incomplete. You’ll have the added convenience of being able to access this time clock from your various electronic devices. Best of all, you won’t need to tally up hours manually. Think of how much time that will end up saving you!

Simplify Your Staff Scheduling

Give your staff the tools they need to keep themselves and their classes organized. With Jackrabbit Dance’s online schedule features, your staff can look at times, dates, classes, and any scheduled meetings at any time on their electronic devices. By using Jackrabbit Dance’s staff portal, your staff can clock in and out as well as keep track of their own students’ class attendance records. This feature is great for helping you to avoid schedule conflicts among numerous classes.

Simplify Communication with Your Staff

By using Jackrabbit Dance’s staff portal, you’ll be able to quickly and easily post either personal or group memos to your staff. This feature is a great way to connect with specific staff members individually or to keep everyone informed of upcoming meetings, general announcements, or other pertinent information.

Simplify Employee Payment by Integrating with Express Payroll

You can quickly and easily pay your employees by integrating your Jackrabbit Dance system with the Express Payroll system. Rather than having to get your staff to manually record their hours and then make payments to them by check, you can set up Express Payroll to keep track of the total hours which each employee has worked during each pay period. You’ll be able to keep an accurate record of hours worked and make sure everyone is getting paid the correct rate for the hours which they put in at your studio.

Keeping your staff well informed, organized, and satisfied with their jobs is a vital part of running a successful dance studio. With the assistance of Jackrabbit Dance’s staff portal and other employee management features, you’ll likely see a boost in staff morale as well as productivity.

We’ve already explored how Jackrabbit Dance can enhance your dance studio’s relations with customers and employees. In our last section below, we’ll demonstrate how Jackrabbit Dance can help your instructors provide higher quality service to your students through our premium classroom management features.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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How Jackrabbit Dance Software Can Streamline Your Dance Studio, Part 3

Running a dance studio is about much more than building a successful business. It’s about giving quality instruction to your students that will nurture both the necessary skills for performing and the passion for the art of dance. The team at Jackrabbit Dance understands that providing your students with a dynamic learning environment is at the heart of what you’re hoping to accomplish as a studio owner/manager. That’s why we’ve included features that are designed with these worthy goals in mind.

Improve Classroom Management with Convenient Features

Giving instructors tools to create a well-organized classroom will help to foster an environment that’s ideal for student success. The following list includes some of Jackrabbit’s premier classroom management features and their advantages.

Mark Student Progress with Jackrabbit’s Skill Tracking Feature

When it comes to skill tracking, it’s easy for dance instructors to feel overwhelmed, especially if they have multiple students in various classes who are all performing at different levels. With Jackrabbit’s skill tracking feature, teachers can quickly and easily record each student’s progress. Then they can use this feature to communicate with parents online about their child’s skill acquisition as well as any challenges which the student seems to be experiencing along the way. It’s a great tool for making sure instructors, students, and parents are all on the same page.

Keep Classes Organized With Jackrabbit’s Visual Calendar

As an operational manager, you’ll love how Jackrabbit Dance’s visual calendar can help you stay on top of class times, instructors, and class sizes. These calendars can be set to display this information on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Switch back and forth between modes for both short and long-range planning and organizing. You’ll be able to see which classes are full and which ones still have room for more students. You’ll have immediate, up-to-date access to information about student attendance, absences, and make-up classes. Parents and instructors will appreciate you staying on top of all these details so classes can run more smoothly.

Keep Track of Enrollment and Attendance

Jackrabbit offers easy-to-use tools for keeping accurate records of student enrollment and attendance. You won’t have to rely on manual records for these vital statistics any longer. You can even keep track of future enrollment, trial students, prospective students, and dropped students. These features keep all of your records for each class that’s being offered at your studio in one simple, online-accessible location. What could be more convenient for managers, instructors, or parents?

Organize Private Lessons

Many studios like to offer the option of private lessons for students whose families prefer a one-on-one instructional approach. You can keep track of all your studio’s available and already scheduled private lesson times using Jackrabbit Dance. Families can see which instructors have different private lesson options and times available. They can register for these lessons online. Then, instructors can confirm lesson times and locations as well as send other communications to parents through Jackrabbit’s instructor/parent communication features.

Here at Jackrabbit Technologies, we believe that empowering instructors to provide student-friendly services is vital to creating a thriving dance studio environment. Whether you’re looking for improvement in keeping track of enrollment and attendance, scheduling private lessons, marking student progress, or general classroom organization, you can count on our system to meet your needs. We hope you’ll consider making Jackrabbit Dance your go-to software system for classroom management.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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