Jackrabbit vs Studio Director

Why choose Jackrabbit over Studio Director?

Jackrabbit TechnologiesStudio Director

Online Registration is completely streamlined

More functionality, with class openings easily embedded into your existing website:

  • Ability to embed real-time class information directly within your own website.
  • Simple one page registration form for new customers.
  • Parents can view children’s absences, skills & sub-skills via the customer portal.

Studio Director’s interface requires more scrolling

  • Classes do not embed directly on your website
  • Multiple step process to complete online registration, no simple one page registration form for parents.
  • Their online registration offers a visual weekly view, but is harder to understand with icons and an abundance of information. Filtering classes is not available with the weekly view.

Jackrabbit has a Time Clock

Organize your staff’s hours worked

  • Each staff member enters their own time and all you have to do is approve the time.
  • The time clock can be accessed at multiple locations or on
    the go.
  • Export data to QuickBooks or Jackrabbit’s payroll partner, Express Payroll, with one click.

Can this really save me money?
One employee making a five minute error each day equals $3,360 lost annually.

Studio Director has no time clock

How do they track time?

  • Your staff will have to track their time on paper
  • Or you’ll have to purchase a separate time clock software
  • This means lost time and money



  • Easily determine which fees each payment is applied to.
  • Create reports to compare revenue totals for each category.
  • Link directly to QuickBooks for your revenue reporting.

Studio Director financials

  • With Studio Director, you can link to payments, but have to create different reports and then compare revenue.

Jackrabbit’s Robust Executive Dashboard

A quick view of your key business metrics

  • Alerts are automatically synced with your database so you can quickly keep up with waitlists, incomplete time entries, absences, and birthdays.
  • Keep up with aged accounts and enrollments.
  • Compare your current month revenue to the prior two years revenue with the color bar chart.

Studio Director has a limited executive dashboard

  • Cannot show alerts, aged accounts, or revenue summaries.
  • This means more time spent running reports just to find important revenue and enrollment information.

Jackrabbit’s Customizable Class Schedule

See your upcoming classes at a glance

  • You can see monthly, weekly, daily, room and instructor schedules.
  • Classes can be color coded to provide easy viewing
  • Create new classes by double clicking the appropriate time and entering more information in the pop up box.

Studio Director has only

  • basic class schedules
  • This makes it difficult to organize class details
  • Harder to see things at a quick glance

Jackrabbit’s Lead File

Maintain an unlimited number of prospects without increasing your subscription fee

  • No limit to the number of prospects, inactive families, students, and contacts on file
  • Easily send emails to the entire group about upcoming classes, special events or promotions
  • Stored outside of your database at no charge

Studio Director doesn’t have a lead file

  • No way to keep prospect list in the database
  • Higher subscription fee to keep all families in database

ePayment Processing

You are not penalized for processing ePayments

  • No additional fee from Jackrabbit
  • Gateway/merchant account fees do apply
  • Quickly process credit card and bank draft payments
  • Process refunds right from your database

ePayment Processing

  • $30 fee to utilize ePayment processing
  • Gateway/merchant account fees do apply

Customers who have converted from Studio Director

Industry Leader Endorsements for Jackrabbit

Christina Wiginton
CK Danceworks

“Parents can sign their kids up for dance at three o’clock in the morning …. Everything is at their fingertips.”

Adam Barret
Temecula Dance Company

“My multi-location, data-intensive business is now simple to expand and manage because of Jackrabbit’s centralized, web-based system.”

Suzanne Blake Gerety
Kathy Blake Dance Studios

“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”

Sam Beckford
School of Music and Dance

“It makes no sense to choose to work harder. We don’t have to put in more hours to do more. Jackrabbit lets us live our lives at the end of the day.”

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