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We have a highly skilled, dedicated support and education team that is unparalleled. While most of your questions can be easily answered by referring to our Help Center, Training Videos, YouTube channel and Facebook User Group, our support/education team are accessible by phone, email and chat. The Help button in your database allows you to:

Submit an email and get a response within 1 hour during regular business hours.

Live chat operators available to asssist you with quick, immediate questions!

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Phone Call
Use the request a call button and have a representative call you within 10 minutes!

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Jumpstart Call
Need help onboarding? Schedule a call with our implementation team.

Client Support Testimonials

Live to Dance Academy

Jackrabbit’s YouTube videos are great
“The YouTube video information links are great, since we all learn differently, and as you ‘re reading and reviewing them, a lightbulb goes on. I come from a financial healthcare background, so I am fairly familiar with help desks, applications and module specialists, and I can tell you the aftermarket customer service is outstanding with Jackrabbit. I have always had super quick resolutions, and as a user, if you’re stuck and spinning your wheels, the fast response from the Jackrabbit team gets you out of that funk. and soaring forward. If you’re looking for a software company for your business with dedicated after sales customer service, Jackrabbit is it!
–Anne Lewis, Live to Dance Academy Limited

Dance by Design Studios

Jackrabbit’s Facebook user group is super helpful
“I love using Facebook and Jackrabbit’s Facebook User Group because it allows me to ask questions and get really quick replies because there are users all over the country and the world. At some point, somebody is on Facebook so you usually get answers right away. But it’s also great because you can see people’s replies and click ‘send me notifications’ when some replies so that I know when someone has replied to my questions. It’s also great because people think of questions that I haven’t thought of or I’ve thought of and forgot to ask and should have asked. And you can also connect with people who are just like you are and use Jackrabbit in similar ways as you. It really connects you so you can get answers quickly!”
Carolyn Wells, Dance by Design Studios

Stage Door Dance

We can depend on Jackrabbit’s support
“The interaction with support is awesome! The way Jackrabbit provides support gives you efficient and effective help. They know what you need and can make use of every minute of your call time because they’ve researched and prepared prior to your call.”
– Chasta Hamilton, Stage Door Productions

North County Academy of Dance

Accessible and friendly support team
“We are sooo happy with Jackrabbit. You guys on the support team are amazing and the system is so user friendly that even I can figure most things out myself. Couldn’t imagine switching!”
— Cassi Lund, North County Academy of Dance

Kathy Blake Dance Studios

A support team to help you win!
“It’s like having another employee and an entire technical crew on your team that is there to help you win.”
— Suzanne Gerety, Kathy Blake Dance Studios

School of Music and Dance

Quick and professional support
“The difference in Jackrabbit is that it is always evolving. There is always something new, something that’s better. Every request of customer support is handled quickly and professionally. It is obvious that they appreciate their customers and consider our input to be important.”
— Amanda Lindberg, Academy of Music and Dance

Stepping Out Dance Studio

Support and software will work for you
“The free trial was awesome! Unlike some other free trials out there, it wasn’t a waste of time. Jackrabbit uses your real data for the trial so when your trial is up and you purchase, you just keep rolling. It really lets you learn how the software will work for you.”
— Natlaie Wood, Stepping Out Dance Studio

All Star Sports Center

Personalized screen sharing
“Jackrabbit is very user friendly and easy to use. However, when we do come across help we need on a function, the Jackrabbit help team is so friendly and helpful. A new tool they have started using when receiving our question is they will send us a personalized screen sharing video on the exact topic we are looking for. It is so helpful because it is specific to our needs. And they are always so patient with us! We appreciate Jackrabbit’s personalized help!”
–Michelle MacEachern, All Star Sport Centre

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We guarantee a 2-4 hour response time (within Support Hours 8am-8pm EST Mon-Fri) on all Email Support Requests. If you have not received this level of support, please contact our Support Manager. We will take immediate action to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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