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10 Healthy Tips

Dance Teacher Summit is coming up! Will you be there? In the last newsletter, they shared 10 healthy tips.

We thought they were so great, we wanted to share them here!

1- Even Superheroes Need Help

Everyone knows you are a superhero, but even superheros have sidekicks and fancy gadgets to help them. Have a senior student sort the costumes or maybe exchange a private lesson for a mom to clean the studio.

2- Make Sure To Get Your ZZZ’s

It may seem simple, but getting enough sleep will give you more energy and help to keep your immune system healthy. Turn off the TV or the computer and hit the sack a little earlier each night.

3- Ditch The Yoga Pants

As much as you want to live in your yoga pants or sweatpants, try and put on other clothes when you are not at the studio. Dressing up in a cute dress or a nice pair of jeans will make you look and feel polished.

4- Keep The Studio And The Office Clutter-Free!

Create systems and organize your space before your crazy time. Everything should have a place; this way you won’t feel lost under a pile of paperwork. “Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite. Discipline is the foundation that allows you to be creative.” Verna Gibson, President Limited Inc.

5- What’s For Dinner Next Friday?

Plan your meals for the week. Not only will you save time by only going to the grocery store once, but you will also be less temped to grab an unhealthy snack just because it’s convenient. There are numerous menu planning websites to help you out! Try or download Menu Planner right to your Smartphone; both have healthy recipe ideas and grocery lists!

6- What Time Is Lunch?

On top of planning your meals for the week, plan when you are going to eat each day. if you know you have three or four classes back to back, make sure to have a quick healthy snack handy to keep you going. Or if you don’t get home until late at night, eat something that’s lighter such as a broth soup or an egg white omlet.

7- Walk It Out!

We all wish we could get to the gym every day, but sometimes there is just too much to do. Instead, walk to the post office, park in the furthest spot or take the stairs in lieu of the elevator. Climbing stairs for 10 minutes can burn you up to 91 calories! (

8- Water, Water, Everywhere.

Before having that 2nd cup of coffee or the diet coke, drink a cup of water. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommended that adult females drink 2.7 liters of water a day. Find a good reliable and dishwasher safe water bottle to keep with you so you can refill it often. If you have a hard time drinking just water all day, maybe add Crystal Light To Go!

9- Breathe!

Even if it is just taking a moment to yourself between classes, shut the door, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Better yet, if you have ten minutes try meditating to clear your mind. If you find your mind wandering just concentrate on your breathing.

10- Germs Are Yucky.

No one wants to be sick. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in each classroom and use frequently. Make sure to disinfect barres and props often. If you are sick, stay home; there is no need to spread the germs to everyone else.



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