3 things to know about recruiting and retaining generation z at your studio.

3 Things You Need to Know for Hiring Generation Z at Your Dance Studio

Generation Z is here. Not just in your classes, but in your inbox, applying for jobs. Just when you thought you had conquered managing millennials, it’s time to embrace a new bunch of dance instructors who are often mislabeled and misunderstood by their studio directors and owners. Made of 72 million people born between 1996 and 2010, Generation Z is youthful, integrated and connected – they’ve always had access to the internet and technology. While more and more of them hit our job boards, Generation Z is changing the way we recruit and here’s how.

1. Get in their inbox and have systems in place.

Sure, they’re doing plenty of other things on those devices besides checking their emails and they do strongly prefer texting, social media and apps with push notifications, but they are open to using email and in fact, consider it an important tool for staying in front of employers and educators.

Generation Z will also be looking for systems and technology in your studio. They don’t know a world without digital devices which means they feel comfortable and reassured navigating with them. As a result, they won’t feel secure in a workplace that doesn’t provide them tools like the Jackrabbit Dance Staff Portal or Student Skills module.

     2. Make them small fish in a big pond

As internet natives, this generation literally grew up with devices and technology in the palm of their hands. They can hardly imagine a world smartphone and social media free. So, what does that mean for us as we try to find the best and brightest talent? Well, for starters, they know how the internet works so they can spot sponsored content, promoted ads and paid influencers a mile away.

According to this IBM study, Generation Z “wants to actively share their opinions, collaborate and co-create with brands.” Generation Z wants to serve a purpose and they have fairly high expectations of what businesses should be bringing to the world. Instead of approaching them with higher hourly wages and keeping them involved in small projects, consider giving them smaller roles in the important projects at your dance studio.

 3. Have your growth plans laid out

In a report done by Ripplematch, Gen Z ranked professional development as the most important factor when it came to choosing a job. Professional development plans beat out job stability, work-life balance and compensation. That’s right, money isn’t a motivator for them, but growth is.

What this also means is while we may label it as ‘turnover,’ your Generation Z instructors will consider job hopping a necessity if the opportunity to grow and develop isn’t provided in your studio. If you haven’t already, it may be time to consider some levels of distinction in your team of instructors.

While they may be young, they are starting to make big decisions that will impact our recruitment and retention behavior for years to come. If you haven’t started already, now’s the time to be making plans for how to meet the needs of this ever-connected, empowered generation.

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