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Biz Tips: Save Your Sanity With The Best Time Saving Tools

As studio owners, we are expert multi-taskers, adept at juggling 50 000 balls in the air at once!  We’re used to memorizing everything from timetables, parent names, even to when the toilet rolls need replacing.  

Something I like to ask studio owners is:  if you had to reduce your workload by 30 minutes this week, what would you have to do differently?

Often, the answer is simply by starting to use some of the brilliant tools on offer that make the business of running a studio much easier!

To help make running your studio a breeze, these are some of our favorite tools to boost your productivity and give you more time to focus on your passions!

TextExpander – This will save you HOURS of time typing out responses to inquiries – simply enter your short code and it will instantly populate entire emails!

Pomodoro App  – A brilliant way to become more productive by working in short 25 minute sprints. Simply set your timer in the app and decide on what you want to achieve in that time. Pomodoro keeps you focused and working smarter, not longer

Trello – A tool adored by many Studio Expansion members – this is a way to keep on top of your workload and collaborate with your team all in one place. It’s completely free and makes staying organized easy as you can see everything you are working on all in the one place! Once you start using Trello, you’ll find more and more ways to use it! High recommended.

These are just a few of the most adored tools studio owners use, but if you want MORE then you are in luck!  

We surveyed 200+ super productive studio owners on the tools they love to use on a day-to-day basis and then created a list of the 20 most essential resources every studio owner should know about!

The Ultimate Studio Owner Tool Kit shares 20 of the most sensational tools that you will fall in love with because the make running your studio EFFORTLESS!  With everything from design to social media scheduling to outsourcing, these were voted on by studio owners just like you who are looking for quick and easy solutions to save them time.  

Download the ULTIMATE Studio Owner Tool-Kit Here >>

As a studio owner, do you find organization or productivity to be the bigger challenge?  

Do you find it a struggle to find the time to sit down and map out your plan of action and get organized for the months ahead? Or, are you great at creating the plan, but find it harder follow through?  When you sit down at your desk, do you find it tricky to actually be productive without being distracted?  

In the comments below, share with us whether organization or productivity is more challenging for you…


By Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield, Studio Strategist at

If you’d like more ways to grow your studio, click here to sign up for “30 Enrollments in 30 days” – a FREE video training course for studio owners!

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