Basic Keyboard Shortcuts that will Help You Work Faster

Whether you are using a PC or a Mac, keyboard shortcuts can be a real time saver.  We’ve listed a few popular keyboard shortcuts below for easy reference.  Keep in mind that some keyboard configurations may not support all of these shortcuts.

Description Windows Mac OS
Basic Shortcuts
Save File Ctrl + S Cmd + S
Cut Text Ctrl + X Cmd + X
Copy Text Ctrl + C Cmd + C
Paste Text Ctrl + V Cmd + V
Find Text Ctrl + F Cmd + F
Print Options Ctrl + P Cmd + P
Find &  Replace Text Ctrl + H Cmd + F
Select All Text Ctrl + A Cmd + A
Undo Text Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z
Redo Text Ctrl + Y Shift + Cmd +Z
Web Browsers
Zoom In Ctrl + +(plus key) Cmd + + (plus key)
Zoom Out Ctrl + – (minus key) Cmd + – (minus key)
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 0 (zero key) Cmd + 0 (zero key)
Refresh Webpage F5 Cmd + R
Hide / Show Browser Toolbar F11 Cmd + Shift + F
Open a New Browsing Window Ctrl + N Cmd + N
Open the Bookmarks menu Ctrl + B Cmd + B
Open Browsing History Ctrl + H Cmd + J or Cmd + Shift + J
Open a New Window Ctrl + N Cmd + N
Open a New Tab Ctrl + T Cmd + T
Copy screenshot of entire screen to clipboard PrtScr or Ctrl + PrtScr Cmd + Ctrl + 4, then Space
Copy screenshot of window to clipboard Alt + PrtScr Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4
Text Formatting
Make selected text Bold Ctrl + B Cmd + B
Make selected text Italic Ctrl + I Cmd + I
Underline selected text Ctrl + U Cmd + U
Make selected text Superscript Ctrl + Shift + = Cmd + Shift + =
Make selected text Subscript Ctrl + = (equal key) Cmd + = (equal key)
Some shortcuts may not be compatible due to different keyboard setups.


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