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Jackrabbit’s Speed and Reliability Gives Backstage Dance Tremendous Time Savings

Backstage Dance Studio
1 location, 738 students, 14 instructors
Marty Roberts, Owner and Director
Bailey Roberts, Director of Marketing and Business Development

Backstage Dance Studio was constantly experiencing issues with its existing software and adding to the frustration, the system always moved slow and was a hindrance to staff productivity. But they were a little apprehensive to change systems since a new one meant implementation and training cycles that would disrupt operations even more.


Frustrations surpassed concerns and soon Backstage had Jackrabbit up and running in much less time than they expected because of the excellent user guides and video help that they could access anytime they needed to review instructions and tips. The process was seamless because they had used the slower summer session as their testing and learning time. The staff was pretty comfortable with using the system when the fall session came around and Backstage debuted its new online registration options and portal access to its customers.

Backstage has found Jackrabbit to be very user friendly, so getting daily tasks accomplished is easier and takes less time. The staff has realized that they have more detailed and accurate data so they can provide a better experience for their families.  The view that the Executive Dashboard gives Marty just what she needs as owner to make better fact-based decisions for the business – and she can do it without being tied to her computer.


Jackrabbit gives Backstage fast, comprehensive and effective tools for operating their studio. The speed at which they move through their tasked is a distinct improvement to their previous system.

“It is fantastic that we can so simply post our classes online with Jackrabbit! Our parents have been thrilled with online registration and the ability to log in and see what is going on.” — Bailey Roberts | Backstage Dance Studio

“Our tasks take WAY less time in Jackrabbit than what we were used to. It just effortlessly jumps from screen to screen and processes things quickly. We no longer have to wait for things to load and update.” – Bailey Roberts | Backstage Dance Studio

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