Jackrabbit Adds Value for Kathy Blake Dance Studios Because of Insight into Studio Needs

Kathy Blake Dance Studios
1 location, 900 students, 22 instructors
Kathy Blake, Owner
Suzanne Gerety, Vice President

Kathy wanted to implement a business management system that would give her studio powerful online registration and auto billing options and understand the needs of dance studios. Kathy wanted to move quickly so that her new system would be ready to offer families online registration for the next season.


The transition to online registration was seamless for Kathy Blake’s studio. Customers were ecstatic with the flexibility and freedom that the new online process gave them in checking class availabilities and making sure that their children got into the classes they wanted. Immediately, Kathy Blake Dance Studios became a 24/7 registration venue and still eliminated the need for any data entry from studio staff.

Beyond online registration, Jackrabbit’s system also automated billing and gave Kathy’s staff a new level of power and control over their billing cycles. They could process payments incredibly fast and eliminate the need for quick deposit trips to the bank. For Kathy and Suzanne, the new system meant they were freed from their desks and could spend time interacting with students and families developing those personal relationships that make a difference in customer retention and referrals.


Kathy Blake Dance Studios has seen great results from its new system because Jackrabbit takes the time to build powerful features and understand the needs of dance studios.

“We had some initial anxiety over our transition away from our in-house registration process. But when we saw our customers’ excitement, we felt silly about our doubts. Jackrabbit has been awesome for our business!”  — Kathy Blake, Owner

See what Kathy has to say about Jackrabbit on YouTube.

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