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Owner Provides Processes that are Important to Parents by Making the Most of Automation

QC Dance
1 location
412 students, 9 instructors
Barb Stanley, Owner


Barb Stanley wanted a software system that could help her save money for her studio and grow beyond what her present methods were allowing. She found that Jackrabbit could help her studio become more efficient by using automation to make their processes more accurate and secure.


QC Dance has used online registration and auto-pay features to transform the office into a well-oiled machine that has made improvements to areas that are very important to parents. Because online registration gives parents a way to enter their own account and payment information for themselves, it eliminates errors and ensures that the security of their credit card information isn’t compromised.

Coupling the parent portal with online registration makes QC’s processes completely transparent and always available to parents who are trying to keep up with how they are spending their money.

Auto-pay features have liberated QC’s staff from a previously hour-hogging process. And Jackrabbit’s process automatically records payments into each account – unlike QC’s previous payment system.

QC offers dance and fitness classes, but Barb easily monitors all of key information using Jackrabbit’s reports keeping her finger on the pulse of all students, families, instructors and employees and continuing to grow her studio without significant expansion of studio staff.


Jackrabbit given QC Dance the tools to take care of the areas of her business that matter most to parents and to grow without losing focus on those priorities.

“Jackrabbit’s automated features have made it possible for us to greatly improve the accuracy and security of our customer data – and that is very important to our parents.”   – Barb Stanley, QC Dance

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