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Jackrabbit Gives Stepping Out Dance Studio Powerful Tools for Critical Processes

Jackrabbit gave Stepping Out Dance Studio powerful tools that they could implement quickly for critical processes like collecting money, registering students and accommodating parents’ payment preferences.

CHANGE WAS CHALLENGING | As finance manager, Natalie wanted to quickly get Jackrabbit up and running for the studio’s most critical process – collecting money. Natalie finds the software easy to explore and use because of how hovering over the navigational tabs provides her with a view into the contents of each section without changing screens. You know where your next click needs to be. Videos provide complete how-tos if more guidance is necessary, but Natalie found by simply starting the videos, she could launch into her intended task with hardly a hitch.TapShoesCircle_Blog

CONVINCED BY JACKRABBIT’S VALUE | Natalie took full advantage of Jackrabbit’s free trial to get her feet wet in the software. It was very effective because – unlike some other free trials – she was using their actual data. This made the transition between “trial” and “client” seamless.

“The free trial was awesome! Unlike some other free trials out there, It wasn’t a waste of time. Jackrabbit uses your real data for the trial so when your trial is up and you purchase, you just keep rolling. It really lets you learn how the software will work for you.”


Natalie was amazed at the ease of invoicing, collecting fees and printing reports. After only three months of using the software, Natalie feels comfortable enough with their basic student management, parent portal and accounting processes to add Jackrabbit’s online registration and time clock features.

“Reports we’ve never been able to get without lots of pain can be printed through Jackrabbit in seconds!”

One of Jackrabbit’s traits that made it simple for Natalie and her counterparts is that the software gives everyone access to everything in a central place. There is no logging in and out of multiple applications – or opening a multitude of spreadsheets – to get work done. There are also no issues with version control when multiple users are working with common information.

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 172 students, 14 instructors, Natalie Wood, Finance Manager

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