Fun Cakes that Celebrate Your Hard Work

I was cruising through the latest issue at where I often see interesting articles for all of us who have or work with children in some fashion. Today I came across the cutest feature on Unique Birthday Cakes.

These cakes are ones that would mesmerize children and adults alike and use lots of sometimes simple and creative ingredients and ideas for assembling and decorating the cakes.

Of course, since we are Jackrabbit, the bunny cake caught my eye, but there are many that I looked at just because I was curious about how they were instructed to create what I was seeing.

Enjoy looking for yourself and then choose one to make.  Some are as simple as lining up cupcakes and using candy to create the details to define the design. Others require baking cakes in Pyrex bowls to create a Penguin’s body, covering ice cream cones with frosting for castle turrets or making chocolate rice krispy treats to serve as the patty in a hamburger cake.

These are perfect absolutely fun cakes to celebrate your students. You can follow performance themes for after-parties or have season-end activity days as rewards for lots of hard work. These amazingly adorable cakes are a wonderful way to show that you appreciate them.

Choose designs that can be assembled from purchased items and let them put together the cake/cakes that go with your themes or programs.  The cupcake designs would be awesome for this since they require mostly arranging the cupcakes and adorning them with candies!

You can easily create this Snake Cupcake “Cake”:

snake cake

These Pig Cupcakes:

Pig Cakes

Or these Microphone Cupcakes:

microphone cake

You can even get creative with these creative ideas by making this Turtle Cake:

turtle cake

Just using cupcakes and Twinkies, instead of baking cakes for the turtle shell.

What a party! Have fun creating your masterpieces and then diving in face first to eat them! Of course, you’ll want to take pictures of your finished products BEFORE the eating begins!

If you make cakes, please send us your pictures to share!

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