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How Brookfield Center for the Arts Rises to the Competition

Brookfield Center for the Arts is in a community that highly values extra-curriculars with high level content and instruction. General Manager Ally Murphy notes that dance is very popular and therefore there are a number of studios in the area.

BLOG__Brookfield2“We like to think we set ourselves apart with the very high level of instruction that we offer, however, other studios also market their high quality instruction so we know that we must differentiate in other ways.”

 Focusing on Satisfaction

Parents whose children study at Brookfield Center for the Arts express their satisfaction again and again with the friendly atmosphere and great customer-focused culture that they’ve found there.  The staff provides clear and frequent communication so that parents always know what is happening and how their students are progressing.

“Families who have come to us from other studios always mention these things in comparing us to other local dance studios. The type of high level customer service that we offer allows us to build strong relationships and loyalty with our customers.”

Flexibility Increases Elation

BLOG__Brookfield1Brookfield Center for the Arts also focuses on flexibility in the way they serve their families. Scheduling is a huge part of keeping customers happy. In recreational programs, Brookfield offers multiple class options during the week and on weekends. The most popular classes are offered typically Monday through Thursday evenings and on Saturdays to maximize options for families.

“A big difference in us is that we work with families to accommodate special situations for students in multiple activities. Part of our staff training includes the value we place on flexibility. It’s something that keeps families happy and keeps them coming back to us.”

A Clear Path to Referrals

Parent elation, customer satisfaction and loyalty build strong relationships with families. Parents and students are happy and talk about their happiness to others. Referrals come in. It’s a clear path from high level instruction and customer service to new student referrals. While they’ve tried a few wide-scale mailings over the past few years, they’ve found that another parent’s opinion is more apt to influence a decision on where a child will learn dance (or gymnastics, soccer, etc.) than any advertisement or mailing that a studio can generate.

“Referrals are our #1 way that we get new students. At least 50% of our new customers come in that way. We are also very visible in the community through sponsorships and through performances at community events. This helps Brookfield to be more familiar to people. And it’s fun and fulfilling to give back to our community.”

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