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How to Get Your Parents Using the Jackrabbit Dance Portal

What’s one way you can ensure that your customers stay engaged with your dance studio? Make it easy. That’s why the Jackrabbit team makes every effort to help your studio connect with customers through a single location – the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal.

With a new season of dance underway, it’s important to set a great first impression with new and returning students. And what’s a better first impression than introducing your customers to the Parent Portal, where they can view their class schedules, make payments, enroll in new classes and communicate directly with your studio? Not much.

How to tell parents about the Parent Portal?

If you build it, they won’t necessarily come – unless you help create a little awareness. So, how can you tell families at your studio about your parent portal? 

Ways to promote your parent portal:

  • Through emails and newsletters
  • On social media 
  • Hang a flyer in your studio 
  • Prepare your front desk staff with talking points for new students and families 

Need a little inspiration when it comes to creating your own promotion? Here’s a simple download to share with parents to help tell them about the Parent Portal. 

How to get parents to use the Parent Portal? 

If you want the families at your dance studio to start using the Parent Portal, you need to address the ‘What’s in it for me?’ and do it quickly! 

Sharing the benefits customers will realize is your best bet to getting them excited about staying connected to your studio. With everything the portal has to offer dance parents, here’s a list of the top six benefits of the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal. 

Parents can easily sign up for new classes, whether they need to add a class to their existing student’s schedule or register a sibling, it all can be done conveniently through their portal. 

Families can update their own information. No longer must your customers visit your front desk or block time to call your location to update their credit card number, or any other piece of information you collected at the time they registered.  

Customers can easily communicate with your studio. With a running log of emails sent from you and your staff, parents have access to everything you send them, even if they accidentally deleted every email in their inbox. (Oops!) Additionally, parents have the ability to message your studio from within the parent portal. 

Scheduling absences and makeup classes is easier through the Parent Portal because customers no longer have to call the studio to notify your staff of an upcoming absence and to schedule a makeup class in the future. Yep, through your portal, they can do it all themselves if you decide to extend this benefit to your customers.  

Students can easily access virtual classes if your studio decided to keep online dance classes in your new season lineup. 

Parents can livestream their child in class if they aren’t physically at the studio due to work, travel or any other reason they might not be able to accompany their child to class. (–> learn more here)  

When laid out like this, using the Parent Portal will be a no-brainer for the families at your dance studio. The important thing to remember when creating awareness is that it’s not a one-and-done situation. Much like when picture week is, you should consistently remind customers that this tool exists so that you get as many parents using your Jackrabbit Parent Portal as possible!

Discover more about the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal with a 30-minute customized live demo. Schedule yours with a Product Coach today! 

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