Jackrabbit Dance parent portal connects staff and parents at your studio.

Why your dance studio should use the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal

A talented roster of dance teachers. Check!
Strong curriculum for all class levels. Check!
Reliable office staff to manage tuition and communication. Check, check!

What you might be missing is a comprehensive dance studio management software that takes everything listed above and brings it all together through one feature – the Parent Portal.

What is the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal?

Here at Jackrabbit Dance, we know how important it is to keep your dance families connected with your studio. That’s why we created the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal, a mobile responsive feature that parents can access any time, on-the-go.

The Parent Portal is a one-stop-shop communication tool that makes connections easy, convenient, and quick. *Insert happy dance here*

Why should your dance studio use the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal?

Now that you know that you have a basic understanding of what the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal is, you might be thinking ‘okay, why do we need this?’

As we dive deeper into the benefits for your customers and your staff, you will see the value the Parent Portal can bring to your dance studio and be ready to dive into setting it up ASAP!

How does the Parent Portal benefit your customers?

The biggest benefits of the Parent Portal are definitely for your customers. And we all know that happy parents = happy owners.

With the ability to connect with your dance studio from their smartphone, tablet, or computer, parents are more likely to keep their account up-to-date with current payments and updated billing information. No more calling the dance studio to give a new credit card number – they can simply log in to the portal and update the information in a matter of seconds.

Another main function of the portal is the ability to sign up for new classes. Whether a parent wants to add an additional class to their dancer’s current schedule or enroll their dancer in classes for next season, the Parent Portal will serve up the classes available with easy filter options to get to the perfect class for that family!

Need to go virtual with your classes? No problem! The portal allows families to easily access the virtual class link quickly and easily from their schedule of classes. You can even take it a step further by live streaming your classes directly through the Parent Portal with Spot TV!

The communication you send to parents is important. It can be easy to miss an email because let’s face it – we all receive hundreds of emails every day. That’s why the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal was built to save a copy of all email communication from your dance studio for 180 days. Parents can also send a message to your office staff through the portal instead of leaving the portal to head over to their email app.

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How does the Parent Portal benefit your dance teachers and staff?

Not only does the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal benefit your dance families but it also benefits you, your teachers, and your office staff. It’s literally a win for everyone involved!

Because parents can update information when it’s on their mind, it cuts down on the emails sent to your organization and the number of phone calls your office staff answers. Not to mention, with the most up-to-date billing information, you can ensure that your accounts receivable list is shorter than ever before. Not only are you getting paid but you are getting paid faster!

What’s the best way to increase enrollment? Make the enrollment process easy! And the Parent Portal does just that.

Your dance instructors can communicate skill progression with parents through the portal as well. With automated skill update emails from the Staff Portal, it’s easy for the teacher to update parents so they can celebrate accomplishments with their dancer after class. The connection created there is priceless!

And with a hybrid model of classes due to social distancing restrictions, it’s easier than ever to distribute virtual class links. No need to send emails with Zoom links and passwords, your office staff can simply add the virtual class link in Jackrabbit and it will show for the family in the portal!

But, don’t take it from me. Hear from some of our clients!

Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal

What’s coming to the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal in 2021?

The Jackrabbit team knows that right now, your customer’s experience with your dance studio needs to be more seamless than ever. That means upgrades to the Parent Portal are part of the 2021 product enhancement plan. But what does that include? Glad you asked!

2021 Parent Portal enhancements include:

  • The option to require payment when parents enroll dancers in new classes or events will ensure that spots are secured immediately with fees paid.
  • Automatic posting of registration fees when existing students enroll for new classes
  • Leveraging the portal for new families for a consistent experience from the beginning

All of these features have one goal in mind – allow you to provide better service to your customers while also saving you the thing you need the most. Time!

Excited about the Parent Portal upgrades coming this year? Check out the full lineup of new features making their way to the Jackrabbit application in 2021!

Jackrabbit’s TwentyTwentyONE Product Roadmap

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