Increase Revenue Without New Students OR Increasing Prices

Increasing revenue is every business owner’s goal. Figuring out different ways to make the business more sustainable is important. How do you do this without increasing prices and keeping your same student count? Focus on how to offer something to your customers to add value and build the relationship between you and your customers.

CK Danceworks is located right outside of Atlanta in Dallas, Georgia. They have been in business since 2004 and continue to grow at a rapid speed. Founded by three dancers with a passion for dance, they have a dream to bring their love of dance and the performing arts to a community where they could try and touch the lives of others, mainly children, just as theirs had been with dance. CK Danceworks now serves over 600 dancers of all ages and have recently opened this new 8,400 square foot building.

Artistic Director, Christina Wiginton started a program called CK Celebrities. They started it last year with middle school and high school ages and are opening it up to elementary ages this fall. This idea started when they noticed that some students were interested in competition but were not quite ready to make the leap onto one of the competition teams. They also had some dancers who wanted to do competition but didn’t have time to commit to one of the teams. This new class gives these dancers a taste of the competition world without having to sacrifice a lot of time on other activities. They will go to one competition each year.

One thing that was a challenge was to make sure the dancers still received training and good choreography with taking a very limited amount of dance. So, Christina and her team decided to require one jazz class from CK in addition to the 45 minute competition class. The jazz class would be for their technique and the competition would be for their choreography. The great thing is, anyone can do this class! Another great thing about the Celebrities class is that the competition we go to at the end of the year has different levels so this team can compete against other dancers that train the same amount of time they do.

Overall, this has been a great addition to the classes CK offers. They continue to increase their revenue by offering different types of classes that are extremely popular. The demand is high and the dancers and parents love it!


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