Jackrabbit employees celebrating after getting names the number 1 software for dance studios.

Why Jackrabbit is the #1 Software for Dance Studios

Jackrabbit offers everything studios need to operate and grow. See how we compare against the competition by viewing our eBook. And here are just some of the reasons why more than 4500 customers love using the all-in-one, online software solution.

  1. We give you help when you need it. Your work hours aren’t 9 to 5, Monday through Friday so your need for help doesn’t always happen then either. We understand this, so we’re available to you when it fits your schedule. Whether you’re processing payments for the first time or setting your online registration up for the first time, your Jackrabbit support team is there for you with quick responses that will help you get your work done.

One thing is for sure, we not only want you to get our help when you need it, but we also want you to do it in the way that makes you most comfortable. For those reasons, we offer support using the fastest possible method – a Support Button available on every screen of your Jackrabbit software. Regardless of where you are working in Jackrabbit, you can click the button and get help. Submit a ticket, chat or schedule a phone call with our support team. We’re available to you and eager to help you with whatever software issue is challenging you.



“The interaction with support is awesome! The way Jackrabbit provides support gives you efficient and effective help. They know what you need and can make use of every minute of your call time because they’ve researched and prepared prior to your call.” Chasta Hamilton Calhoun, Stage Door Dance

“Jackrabbit’s customer service is ridiculously awesome. Friendly, helpful and smart people are there to answer questions or get us out of whatever jam we’ve managed to get ourselves into. They actually like it when we call with a list of questions!” Christina Bezuidenhout, Diversity Dance

  1. We help you give your parents what they need.Your studios’ parents are pretty needy and reach out to you for everything from simple questions to convenient ways to pay. We make it possible for you to eliminate the calls, the emails, the interruptions to your day with the Parent Portal. 365/24/7 access to accounts, calendars, class listings and schedules, pictures and videos – everything parents want from you.

The Parent Portal is one of the most powerful of the Jackrabbit components because it helps you make you organization’s parents very happy. You can be 365/24/7 with no extra staffing or hours by offering secure processes and information to parents. They have convenience and you eliminate data entry and manual payment processing from your to-do list!



“The Parent Portal is one of the best features of Jackrabbit! Our parents love the accountability and freedom it offers them. The program is very user-friendly and support is fast and accurate. We are so glad we chose this program, it has saved us time and energy in an already busy environment.” Elizabeth Small, Define Dance Space LLC

“Parents love the Parent Portal because it is easy for them to register, pay and check their account – anytime they want. And making our processes easy makes it easy for parents to choose our studio.” Brittany Zorn, Step N Motion

  1. You always know where your money is. Who has paid tuition and who hasn’t? Are more checks in the mail? Whose credit card was declined? Jackrabbit makes it possible for you to eliminate inefficient payment methods and collections and to simply get your money quickly. With Jackrabbit, you always know how much you’ve collected and any issues payments have encountered.

The Executive Dashboard gives users a window into the areas of their business that are most important to them. Owners may want different data than office managers and office managers may want to see something different than instructors. For these very reasons, we’ve made the dashboard customizable to the needs and desires of the person who is logged in.




“Jackrabbit has lots of components that help us run our operations so we can do everything we need to do to teach. But Jackrabbit adds a layer of efficiency by providing an awesome Dashboard that brings everything together into an all -in-one powerhouse. We can see how every critical business component is doing as soon as we log in. That is critical to efficiency because we don’t have to dig to now where we should focus our attention first.”  Chelsea Harper, Co-Owner, Amaze Dance Studio

  1. We’ve always put you first. From the very beginning, we built our software around what you need by asking, listening and doing. We constantly enhance our software, putting more than 200 per year in place based on your requests and challenges you share with us. We always work toward a higher level of excellence so that you can efficiently operate and effortlessly grow. It is truly all about you.

The Send Idea button is proof that you’re priority one. This is a key part of the Jackrabbit software development plan because it is critical to how we learn what you need, what concerns you and what makes you happy.



“The difference in Jackrabbit is that it is always evolving. There is always something new, something that’s better. Every request of customer support is handled quickly and professionally. It is obvious that they appreciate their customers and consider our input to be important.” Amanda Kelly Lindberg, Academy of Dance and Music

“Since implementing Jackrabbit in 2008, we’ve used the “Send Idea” button in our application many times to share our software epiphanies with them. It is a great tool that connects us directly with development. The continuous enhancement list shows that they pay attention to what we say.”  Amy Allen, Turning Pointe

  1. We give you training anytime you need it. From the time you become a Jackrabbit user until you’re a “seasoned” user, we have training for you! When you’re setting up critical components, having guides can be a tremendous comfort. When you’re brushing up on features you haven’t used in a while, videos help you brush up on the details. When you’re setting up online registration on your website or in your parent portal, step-by-step instructions can save your sanity. It’s obvious from these examples, that training is crucial. We believe good training is important in helping you to become proficient and happy with our software!

We make our training even better by providing it to you in multiple ways: getting started tools, online help and guides, subject specific videos, online interactive training, in-person training sessions, and annual user conferences for East and West Coast users.



“Jackrabbit made sure we were off to a good start. The Jump Start Call did more than help us get our database set up. It also gave us great confidence in using the software to the max. The videos are awesome tools because we can look at them whenever we need a little refresher in one area or another.”  – Shelby Bruyer, Co-Owner, Amaze Dance Studio

  1. You can trust us. We don’t just want your trust, we’re willing to earn it. And we believe you can have confidence in us:

We take pride in the quality, security and reliability of our system. We keep our systems (and your data) in the same data center where banks and major global corporations store their systems and data. Because of this, we can promise you the highest uptime percentages not only in our industry but among all technology solutions. Our development staff believes in excellence and reliability so we use the highest development standards and test, test, test, test.


Summed up, this means that we take the high road in business and development practices to ensure that you have the best software and a trustworthy partner for today and for the long term.

“Jackrabbit saved us from an inefficient software system and has provided us with control over our processes and insight into our information. The value it delivers makes the cost of our previous software seem unjustified! I’m very impressed and pleased that Jackrabbit is willing to improve their products as I grow and improve my business.” Keith Pinkston, New Orleans Dance Academy

There is no doubt that there are more reasons that Jackrabbit is #1, but we think this list covers the most important ones. To learn more, click here.

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