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Jackrabbit Helps Sarita’s Dance Studio to Work Organized and Quick

Sarita Zúñiga, Owner and Director of Sarita’s Dance Studio puts Jackrabbit’s costume and store features to work for her and her staff. She talked to us about how the software’s features provide tools for organizing costumes, accessories and inventory and save her staff from manual tasks that consume countless hours of their valuable time.

“Jackrabbit’s software does so much that helps us operate our studio. It has been a huge time-saver for us and it’s dependable, as well.”

Make Costume Time Less Stressful and Time-Consuming

The costume feature helps with organizing costumes and accessories, dances and costume companies. By putting dance numbers in the system as “classes,” it helps studios to know who is in what dance and what costumes are being used for each dance.

“The costume feature is amazing when we’re trying to figure out dancers’ sizes with each costume company.  The order form is very helpful and saves us from mistakes we otherwise might make when placing our orders.”

Know What You Have and What You Need

The store initially attracted Sarita to Jackrabbit’s software because she knew that managing inventory, sales and reorders for the items that produce her dance wear sales of $10,000 a month would be challenging without the capabilities that barcoding and the store offers.

“Because of the store, we know what we have and don’t have. Barcoding inventory is especially helpful to us. We probably save the most time when our store is very busy because the software enables us to ring up inventory very fast.”

Quick Responses Keep Your Staff Working

Jackrabbit’s features help Sarita stay efficient and organized, but it’s Jackrabbit’s customer support that Sarita complimented most. She noted that Jackrabbit really listens to its customers to understand each need and makes regularly updates to make customers’ systems more efficient.

Sarita identified several times that Jackrabbit’s quick and spot-on responses made it possible for her staff, some of which are a bit intimidated by computers, to push through challenges and understand the way to completing their task.

Jackrabbit support prides itself on quickly providing responses that give customers the details they need to keep working – even if that need is at night or on weekends. Support goes beyond simply providing an answer, but provides step-by-step explanations, shows screens captures and suggests video resources to enhance answers and provide options for later review.

“Jackrabbit’s customer support is amazing because no matter what we need or when we need it, they are there to answer our questions. They help us to understand how to do things in the best way for our studio and that helps us to become better users.  Great customer service is so rare that experiencing Jackrabbit’s way of serving customers is quite refreshing. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile to make customers happy!”


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