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Jackrabbit Makes It Possible for Couple to Fuel Their Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Morgan and Kat Roberts, Owners:
Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance
Studio Guru Consulting

Entrepreneurs want to have their hands in everything. Morgan and Kat Roberts are no different. They have a studio that they founded in 2001 and then started a consulting business a couple of years ago.

Oh – and one other detail – the studio is in New Hampshire and they live in Colorado.

Keeping a pulse on their businesses would be impossible for Morgan and Kat if it weren’t for technology.

Technology Enabled

In fact, technology is a big part of how they operate their studio from so far away and put so much energy into their consulting business. They use Jackrabbit’s studio management software to automate and streamline their studio operations so that they can use only 25% of their time managing their studio and focus 75% of their energy on their consulting business.  



““We’re actually still pretty hands on with the help of technology. We oversee all financials through Jackrabbit and hold bi-weekly staff meetings through online meeting software.”

Jackrabbit gives Morgan and Kat the tools necessary to manage the financial aspects of their studio – even when they’re in Colorado and not in New Hampshire.

“The idea isn’t to extract ourselves from one business and insert ourselves into another. It’s to grow both.”

Using technology to reduce the effort that Morgan and Kat and their staff must commit to running the operational end of their studio allows the studio to thrive – not simply get along – without as much of their focus.

“Our consulting business requires more hands-on attention. Fortunately, we have Jackrabbit to make it possible for us to be hands-on where we need to be hands-on.”

Maintain Strategic Focus

Recital season is really the only time that Morgan and Kat find it necessary to be physically at the studio. But even when they are there, Jackrabbit helps them to stay out of the daily tasks and stay committed to strategy and growth.

Morgan and Kat find these abilities critical to the way they operate their studio:

  • Automating registration with link on website.
  • Getting paid with one click.
  • Giving parents online account access.

Streamlining and automating very critical processes – especially the ones that get students enrolled and bring in payments – without consuming their time or staff time. Staff can actually get away from their computers to have personal conversations with parents and students.

“During really busy times – like registration seasons – we’re in Jackrabbit daily so we know exactly which classes haven’t filled up and how much tuition has been paid. Jackrabbit has the tools to make these performance indicators easy to find and understand.”

After registration is closed, Morgan and Kat login to Jackrabbit about once a week to run reports that reveal performance indicators like withdrawal, trial and enrollment figures.

No Disparities

Even when in logging in from Colorado, Morgan and Kat (or any other users) experience no disparity in information and they cause no other users to get kicked out of the software because Jackrabbit safely keeps data in a single, web-accessible database that multiple users can access at the same time.

“Jackrabbit has been the catalyst for us. It helps us leverage technology to make the studio easy to run so we can put some real brain power into our new business. Jackrabbit makes it pretty easy to be an owner and an entrepreneur!”

If you want to learn more about Morgan and Kat’s businesses, check out Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance & Studio Guru Consulting.


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