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National Dance Week: Groveland Dance Academy

This week, we’re focused on celebrating dance and what it means to us. At Jackrabbit, we are honored to work with dance studio owners and love hearing about their passion. I love to see dance studio owners and teachers connect to share the love! Keep an eye out for the other posts in the National Dance Week series to meet some other awesome Jackrabbit Dance users!

Agnes Strecker Groveland Dance Academy: Sharing the joy of dance in New England Area for 50 years!! Heather took over the studio last year and is now the proud owner and artistic director. Their caring and highly skilled staff creates a friendly and warm atmosphere that is conducive to the dance experience. Each dancer develops skills that center on discipline and teamwork; all while having fun.  Dancing builds self-confidence, promotes physical health, and establishes friendships that can last a lifetime. Their facility is 1,500 sq ft with an average of 70 dancers.

Why do you dance?

I dance because with out dance I do not feel complete, with out my students I feel lost. It is my creative outlet, my therapy and my sanity. It takes me places I cant physically go with a song. I am able to express feelings and emotions threw movement.

What is your passion?
My passion is my students. Watching them grow , learn , and execute things they never thought they could do gives me the greatest satisfaction I could ever imagine.
What did you want to be when you grew up?

I have wanted to be a dance teacher since I was in the 6th grade. I started dance as a suggestion by my 6th grade school teacher to get me to overcome my shyness. After my first year I wanted to be at the studio 7 days a week. I started assisting and have been teaching ever since.

What is your biggest challenge and how do you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was this year. I took over my studio from a retiring studio owner. The day I was to take over the studio and the day of last years recital my mother has a ruptured aneurysm while she was visiting me to see the show. My mother has since been here in a nursing home and I have been her support system, between being with her a lot, being a mother of three and running a new studio that flooded this year I struggle with balancing it all. To overcome it…I have had to learn to let people help me. I have always tried to do it all myself and had to let others help when offered .

What is one thing a dancer can’t live without?
Dancers cannot live with out their dance family…At least this dancer cannot. Threw out my life I have always had a dance family. They are the ones you spend most of your time with and understand you the best.

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