Helping teachers return to the dance studio. 3 things every studio owner should know.

How to Prepare Your Instructors to Return to the Dance Studio

As a dance studio owner, you may be seeing lots of updates about what other dance studios are doing to prepare to reopen their facilities. You probably have your reopening plan created, and, to some extent, are executing parts of it. But have you thought about what your instructors need to return to the dance studio?  

If you haven’t quite got that far in your plan to reopen your dance studio, that’s totally fine. Jackrabbit Dance is here to help. Here are a few quick tips you can pass on to your instructors when helping them prepare to return to teaching in-person classes. 

3 tips to prepare your instructors to return to the dance studio

Anticipate resistance to the new normal

Any dance teacher or studio owner has had a hand in helping a dancer cope with their emotions. However, there’s no playbook for helping students navigate through the complexities of the emotions that come in the wake of a global pandemic. This is totally new territory for you and your instructors. 

When your teachers return to the studio, they’ll be facing students who have lost their daily routine, have had reduced to zero social contact, have seen their parents face economic struggles and so much more. So if they think they’ll be step-ball-changing back into the same studio filled with well-behaved children, it’s your responsibility to prepare them accordingly. 

So what should you do? 

First, give your instructors time to process their own feelings and experience related to the unexpected closure of your dance studio before in-person classes resume. Taking a deep look inward will help them establish their own feelings toward the new normal at your studio. 

Then, collectively, work to establish strategies the entire teaching staff can use when they encounter a student who is having a difficult time adjusting to being back in the dance studio. Whether you’re dealing with a chatty bunch of ballerinas or a dancer in distress over an ill family member, a unified response plan will make your teachers feel more supported when returning to the dance studio.  

Phone a friend

Before your teachers return to the studio full-time, reach out to a few of your peers in the dance industry to see what their plan of action is to welcome back instructors. Whether you get inspiration from their updated teacher handbook or their new staff meeting strategy- connecting with your peers when facing a difficult situation is always a good idea. 

Likewise, recommend that your staff reach out to their friends for advice on returning to in-person classes before the new season begins. 

After all, none of us have been in this situation before. We might as well get through it together. So buckle up and grab your re-entry buddy. 

gif of dory and marlin hugging reentry buddy

Foster an organized working environment

An unorganized teacher is a frazzled teacher. That’s why it’s important that you provide your staff with an easy-to-use dance studio management software that makes running their classes a breeze. 

From taking attendance and tracking skills to communicating with parents and providing content for virtual dance classes, and so much more- having a centralized place to manage every aspect of their day-to-day life at your studio will ensure they have a smooth transition back to your dance studio.

Not sure how dance studio management software can help grow your business? We have the perfect guide to help you determine how much return on investment you can expect when you start using a studio management solution [ebook Download: ROI Guide to Dance Studio Management Software]

Is it time to invest in dance studio software? Get started with Jackrabbit Dance today!

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