Provide Parents with a View into their Financial Details

A Better Experience for Them is a Big Plus for You

“The difference in how well we are informed now and prior to the studio using Jackrabbit is absolutely unbelievable. It is as life changing to parents as it seems to be for the studio. It gets rid of the window of madness in managing their time and the money we’ve spent.”  -Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Portal

The parent portal is streamlined yet allows a view of everything. Automation allows all financial and registration details to be handled directly and professionally online – removing the awkwardness of asking questions as students are dropped off or classes are starting. It is obvious to parents that the system frees teachers from administrative details so they can actually teach.

“Automation takes the awkwardness away. All financial details are taken care of directly and professionally through the online registration, automated payment capabilities and online account access. I was able to see everything broken down into categories so I knew exactly what we spent money on. It was also a powerful way to show our older daughter what the financial consequences were when she missed classes. We can also make better decisions about future classes and budgets.” -Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Portal

Just as it is game-changing for studios, it is life changing to parents because they:

  • Can keep up with what they pay and when.
  • Get a window into the details of the investment they are making in their children’s lessons.
  • Can analyze what they are spending in each area and look at what changes might need to be made for the next season.
  • Are able to have a baseline for budgeting and understand actual costs for making wiser future class decisions.
  • Can see how many classes were missed, how many were made up and how many absences they actually had to pay for.

“We’ve been able to understand where the 12K-15K we’re paying goes – exactly. By tracking payments, absences and make ups, we have better knowledge of and access to what is going on so money just doesn’t go down the drain. I wish studios had had access to Jackrabbit years ago. It would have helped us manage our child’s time – and our time and money – much better.  Now I can go back at the end of the year to see what we paid for and how it broke down. It is awesome!”  –Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Portal

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