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Seamless integration with Jackrabbit makes Payroll Express the best value.

Willis Calhoun of Stage Door Dance talks about the use of ExpressPayroll with Jackrabbit’s class management system.

Using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit helps your business by:

  • Putting a process that is challenging and frustrating for you in the hands of payroll experts.
  • Improving professionalism with printed checks instead of hand-written checks.
  • Eliminating the cost of a separate accountant.
  • Eliminating your need to track staff time.
  • Giving you final approval before payroll is processed.
  • Managing end-of-year tax documentation for you and your staff.

It’s About Simplicity

Set-up and training goes smoothly because implementing Time Clock and ExpressPayroll is treated as one seamless process with both Jackrabbit and ExpressPayroll experts by your side to help with questions.

“Start-up was immediate. Setting up our pay details in Time Clock essentially set up ExpressPayroll too. One feeds off the other. And that is one of the direct values of using the systems in tandem.”

It’s About Delivering Value

Even for small organizations, using the Time Clock and ExpressPayroll makes sense. The value shines through in what it eliminates from the plates of owners and managers and in the cross-over knowledge between the partners. Your employees are responsible for their own time entry which eliminates the need for owner/manager involvement in it – unless a discrepancy is noted. And when a discrepancy occurs, the Time Clock sends notifications so that the monitoring of time entries is simplified.

“Because we have a small staff, the actual time savings in implementing an integrated time tracking and payroll process isn’t impressive. But what it saves me is a piece of my sanity. I dreaded – no, I hated – processing payroll. Simply eliminating it was liberating for me and did much more for me than just add a little time back into my day.”

It’s About Accommodating Pay Details

One of the trickiest parts of payroll is managing different hourly rates. Studios always have several levels at which pay much be calculated. Unique details can be accommodated by the Time Clock and ExpressPayroll. When it comes to such employees as salaried or part-time ones, including them in this payroll system is no problem. Errors here can be quite costly to the studio and frustrating for the employee. ExpressPayroll prides itself in accuracy throughout the payroll process – but especially in this critical area. Priority is placed on making sure that each employee is paid what they earn – but only what they earn.

“We have four pay rates – private, teaching, rehearsal and admin – that must be managed for every processing event. ExpressPayroll has totally taken these pains-taking calculations out of my hands. But I’m a control freak so the fact that I have approval before pay is distributed is perfect.”

It’s a Beautiful Thing

After checking notifications and approving the final figures for payroll, a simple click sets your payroll process into action. Within days your employees are paid and all of your withholding obligations are met.

“Pairing Jackrabbit’s technology with ExpressPayroll’s quality services is one of the best choices we’ve made for our business. There is no way I would give this up and go back to doing payroll myself.”

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