Introducing the new Jackrabbit Dance Self Check-in feature.

Introducing: Jackrabbit Dance Self Check-in

When classes start for the day at your dance studio, it can feel like pure chaos. Literally zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds.

While no one is here to rain on the parade of students waiting for their favorite dance class to start, taking some stress off your front desk staff would likely be appreciated. After all, they get to juggle the phones ringing, emails coming in, parents at the window, children needing assistance, and maybe even checking students into class for the instructor. While multitasking can be a valuable skill, it can also be dangerous and lead to unintentional human error.

If this sounds similar to any given day at your studio, you’re in the right place. Our latest innovative feature is available to be your (and your staff’s) new BFF. Welcome the Jackrabbit Dance Self Check-in, a self-serve check-in option for parents and families using their primary phone number as they enter the lobby on the way to dance class.

3 Reasons to Use the Jackrabbit Dance Self Check-in

Let’s explore the top three reasons why the Jackrabbit Dance Self Check-in will benefit your dance studio.

Reliable and accurate attendance history

Your instructors have the best intentions of taking roll during class. And sometimes the question is – when is the best time to mark students as present or absent? If you take attendance too early, you might miss someone who comes in late. If you take attendance too late, you might miss someone who left early. Of course, Jackrabbit’s Staff Portal allows instructors to mark these instances but only if they remember to do so!

When parents check students in upon entering the building, you no longer have to worry about inaccurate attendance or staff forgetting to complete attendance over and over again. Records are correct and your instructors can focus on the students right in front of them for the entire class. 

Relief for parent-facing staff

Whether you have a specific staff member on shift to check students in as they enter the studio or your front desk staff is in charge of going into each class to take attendance, Jackrabbit’s Self Check-in feature removes one thing from the to-do list. While checking students in or taking attendance isn’t a hard task, it can be time-consuming and chaotic in a busy lobby with class changes and a ringing phone. 

Relieving staff from this responsibility allows them to take more time with families coming in and out of the lobby. Their attention is focused on connecting with parents, engaging with students, and answering questions from visitors stopping by. With one less thing to focus on, your staff will likely be more cool, calm and collected while building relationships and nurturing interactions. Customer service of this level is #priceless. 

Efficient and effective use of technology

With the information coming straight from your Jackrabbit account, setup and implementation is simple. Not to mention, one of the best things about Jackrabbit’s new Self Check-in feature is efficiency – in more ways than one. 

  1. Parents can check siblings in with one phone number entry if they have class on the same day during a certain time frame. 
  2. Lobbies can have more than one check-in station going simultaneously to prevent bottlenecks from happening at the door. Think: two tablets at each door and a computer at the window facing the lobby if needed.
  3. The Staff Portal, Parent Portal, and the Jackrabbit application syncs with the check-in for the most updated records in no time. 
  4. Include settings that show policy information, account balance, and scheduled absences for a customized parent experience.
  5. More branding – pick your accent color and include your logo for a seamless experience.

Impressing your families with a smooth, efficient experience at the front door and in the lobby will set the tone for their visit to your dance studio every time!

How to get started with the Jackrabbit Dance Self Check-in

You’re picturing it already – a less chaotic lobby and less frazzled staff. That’s always the goal! To make sure you set yourself and your families up for success with a new Self Check-in, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Classes should have a start and end time.
  • Each active family should have a primary phone number.
  • Room values are ideally used to help direct students where to go.

>> To learn more about getting started with Self Check-in, follow the Help Documentation here <<

Once your classes and families are ready for check-in, it’s as easy as setting up any device with any operating system of your choice at your front door or within the lobby. The only requirement is a browser and an internet connection. The flexibility of Jackrabbit’s Self Check-in allows you to create the experience that you and your families are most comfortable with!

While a self-serve check-in may not be the only thing you are looking for, it’s certainly an effective feature that will create a positive experience for everyone at your studio. With Jackrabbit, you get access to this and much more as soon as you start your free account!

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