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Technology in your studio

Whether you love it or hate it, technology is an integral part of our lives and has changed the way we work and communicate. We have rounded up some of our favorite tools to help make your lives easier and more organized.

Tempo Magic – Move to your own beat! Control the BPM of your favorite tunes without changing the pitch. The BPM Lock Mode allows you to make a playlist that is all the same tempo.

Shazam – Love that song but now sure who sings it? Now compatible with iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, iPad and Blackberry, Shazam recognizes music being played around you and immediately connects you with more information and where to buy!

Coach’s Eye – Help take your cleaning and corrections to a new level! Used by professional athletes in all fields, Coach’s Eye allows you to record and analyze your dances. Easily compare your own videos or examples of dance greats! The slow motion review and frame by frame analysis allows you to show students exactly what is going on and how to improve!

iTalk Recorder – Now you can be the judge! The voice recorder is a great way to keep track of your critiques without missing a beat. You can even mail your corrections directly to your students so they know what they need to work on at home. And best of all, it’s free!

Groups – A free app that allows you to create and save contact groups. Send a message to all your volunteer parents or just to your senior company with one click!

Mint.com – An easy and great way to keep track of where and what your money is being spent on.  You can also set a budget and create a plan to reach your personal financial goals. Start saving for a vacation or a new computer today!

Kickstarter – A website that helps you get funding for your next creative project! Since their launch in 2009, more than 4.3 million people have pledged over $626 million, funding more than 43,000 projects. You set the goal and share amongst friends. People can donate as little as $1 but you don’t receive any funding if the goal is not met!

Dropbox – One of the easiest to use file hosting services on the market. Share your music, videos and lare giles with this cloud-based storage system. Once you have sent the all important recital program, you can rest easy knowing you can access that file on any device.

Square – Turn your Smartphone into a credit card machine and never miss a payment or sale again! It’s quick and easy to sign up and they send you a free Square Reader. Great for recitals or a small business boutique!

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