The Dress Code Dilemma

Dance is a focused art that requires discipline, confidence, poise, and grace. Dance attire is a key component to the overall classroom experience, and it is important to establish and implement a dress code that fits into the culture of your facility.

The Elimination of Distraction:

A dress code eliminates in-class distractions. Students are not constantly worried about adjusting their outfits, comparing their dance fashions, or tweaking their hairstyles. In dance class, a student needs to be focused on their technique and style.

The Uniformity of the Class:

When students are dressed properly, it is easy to adjust alignment and placement. It also improves the instructor’s ability to correct and adjust timing, sequencing, and details for group numbers.

The Expectations of Varying Disciplines

At our studio, we request that a leotard be the base for every style and discipline of dance. There are differing tight requirements for certain disciplines (e.g. pink tights for ballet, black/tan options for jazz/tap, and footless tights for acrobatics), and for non-classical styles, students may wear fun, colorful shorts, leggings, or sweatpants as an additional layer (per the instructor’s approval). We are also very particular about class shoe styles and colors.

Communicate the Expectations

Once you have a studio dress code established, be sure to communicate it frequently and regularly with your clients. At the start of the year, include it in your Welcome Packet and make sure the information is readily accessible online, as well. If following the dress code becomes an issue, send home friendly reminders explaining the importance of dress to the child’s overall experience.

Beyond the Studio Walls

For our studio, our dress code applies in the studio and at any event where a student is representing the studio (conventions, workshops, auditions, etc.). Make your policy consistent!

Implementing dress code standards is one way to improve, recognize, and enhance studio culture.When our students are dressed for success, they feel like a dancers, improving focus, discipline, and presence in the classroom.

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