Miller Street Dance Academy students are listening to their dance instructor.

Use Software for What You Have to Do So You Can Do What You Want to Do

Jackrabbit Handles the Business so Studio Owners and Staff Can Focus on Students

The Jackrabbit marketing team visited Miller Street Dance Academy’s Baxter location to see how Jackrabbit Dance helps location manager, Shae Tuttle, and her staff do business.

It only took a few minutes to learn that Miller Street depends on Jackrabbit Online Dance Studio Management Software for its operational infrastructure. The tools the staff needs for daily operational tasks are brought together in a single application so that it’s easy for everyone to accurately and efficiently take care of their responsibilities.

“Jackrabbit takes the hassles and time-consumption out of our operational necessities so we can concentrate on serving our families,” Shae notes. “We want to teach, get to know our students and follow their progress. We want to get to know our families and nurture relationships with them. We don’t want to spend hours with eyes glued to a screen or shuffling an endless paper trail.” 

If Shae and her staff had to do registrations on paper – in person or by phone – or run each credit card payment or transfer attendance from clipboard to Excel spreadsheet or ledger, they would likely never be able to walk away from their desks.

We asked Shae to think of what they do today that couldn’t be done if they didn’t have Jackrabbit. She replied with a series of 10 questions that went something like this:

  1. How would we offer all the classes we do to as many students as we have?
  2. How would we organize enrollments to ensure that every student gets the class they signed up for?
  3. How would we reasonably communicate with parents?
  4. How would we know important metrics like what classes are the best revenue drivers?
  5. How would we know which instructors have the most drops and which are the most profitable?
  6. How long would it take us to figure out who owes money and how much?
  7. How would we even try to provide a store? To track inventory and keep track of shortfalls and break-evens – and hopefully – profits?
  8. How would we quickly answer questions for parents with confidence that our answers are accurate? Or better yet – give them a place to find answers on their own?
  9. How would we track skills for our dancers so they can advance to levels at the best times for their learning progression? And efficiently notify parents of their accomplishments?
  10. How would we track employee hours and report to our payroll system?

This was merely the beginning of Shae’s imagined questions, but you get the picture.

“It’s hard to imagine running our 2 locations without Jackrabbit,” Shae admits.

Beyond the specific task questions on Shae’s mind, she notes the 40,000 foot view of Jackrabbit’s value to their business success.

“Jackrabbit brings it all together for us. We don’t have to login to multiple systems to do business. We login to Jackrabbit when we turn on the lights and do everything we need to do and then we logout, turn out the lights and go home.”

Jackrabbit is known to be comprehensive, unified, and robust – enabling clients to be organized, professional and in-the-moment.

In conclusion, Shae notes that “Jackrabbit definitely gives us the ability to be all about our students because the software handles the critical processes of our operations.”

Read a few details about how Miller Street’s Shae Tuttle and Gina Smith use Jackrabbit’s Store.

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