Miller Street Dance Academy is managing its merchandise and apparel using the Point of Sale feature in Jackrabbit Dance.

Why Should You Be Using the Store (Point of Sale) Feature in Jackrabbit?

Here is what the office managers at the two Miller Street Dance Academy locations say about it:

“We are able to manage all of our inventory- keep track of quantity and sales, The list of tabs that Jackrabbit provides within the store is so useful.  We can add descriptions to all of our products, keep track of vendors, Item cost, tax and with the click of a button we can have a report that gives us all detailed information regarding what we need.  

Tights are a big seller on a daily basis and when quantity gets low, Jackrabbit will alert me, letting me know it’s time to reorder. 

The store makes it easy to locate our products, if the barcode isn’t working, we can simply use a keyword with the search bar. 

We also use the store to track our Recital DVD orders- Which saves us a lot of time counting/ tracking ourselves, Jackrabbit does it all.   

We have multiple studio locations but only one store. However, when needed, we are able to add another store at any event we have and keep track of any merchandise sold anywhere.”

See what Miller Street’s Baxter Office Manager has to say about using Jackrabbit for two studio locations.

Shae Tuttle, Baxter Office Manager, Miller Street Dance Academy

According to Shae’s experience, Jackrabbit impacts sales by helping them keep inventory available for popular items. Its flexibility also gives them the ability to sell items (complete with tracking) anywhere they need to so the studio can take advantage of spontaneous purchases at events.

Even though the Baxter location of Miller Street Dance Academy is where the Store is located for this client, Gina (at the Providence location) can use the Store at the inventory sales they host twice a year.

“We are able to log in and complete the transactions through the ‘Providence Store’ that is set up just for these two events. This is for boosting our productivity. In our previous process, we used the Square to process transactions, cut off the tags, and keep them in an envelope for someone to go through later and manually reduce inventory.” 

“I also use the store feature when we have pre-orders for apparel. All we have to do is run a quick report on sizes and turn it in.  We also do our summer passes and recital DVD’s the same way. Again, this is a huge boost to our productivity because we previously had to keep a separate spreadsheet of the DVDs ordered and enter each transaction for the videographer. This is quite a bit of manual record-keeping since we offer DVDs in two formats from six shows.”

Gina Smith, Providence Office Manager, Miller Street Dance Academyr

Read more about how Miller Street at Baxter uses Jackrabbit Dance.


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