Why You Don’t Want to Miss Our Boost User Conference

Each year, we have two Boost User Conferences for our customers. These events are very valuable for your business and staff. No matter if you’re a new or experienced user, there is always something new to learn. We enhance the software over 100 times a year! From big items to small items, we’ll help make sure you’re up to speed on Jackrabbit’s functionality for your business. [Register for $195 today.]

“We learn things every year, and I always feel more confident to try new systems after the conference! Thanks!” -Jenn Buckton

Why should you attend our User Conference? What will you get out of it? Will it be worth it?

“This seminar really helped me find a ton of features I didn’t know existed. I was also able to solve the difficulties I was having!” -Kristi

Register here for 2016 Boost User Conference [West]

Here are 6 of our top reasons that you should join us:

1 – You don’t know what you don’t know
Do you know all that you don’t know about Jackrabbit’s class management software? Make sure you know the features and benefits the software has. A support representative will look at your business and tell you how to get better during one-on-one sessions. They’ll share ideas with you that will make your organization shift into high gear.

2 – Earn more money, more quickly, more consistently
We will show you how to find the revenue leaks, plug them up and pull new sources of revenue out of your business – revenue that’s already there, you probably just don’t see it!

3 – See results in 2 days
Attendees benefit from a forum experience engaging themselves in discussions around the best tools, tips, techniques they can apply to their daily processes. Learning with other software users with a targeted and focused opportunity to ramp up their skills in a hands-on environment.

4 – Learn the insider secrets
Hang out with our veteran VIPs, pick their brains and find out firsthand why Jackrabbit helps their business. Remember, we’re a community and this is where lifelong relationships begin

5 – Join the instant community
Expand your network with like-minded, successful individuals who’ve made the same commitment to their business as you. Get to know the Jackrabbit team in person – rather than emails and phone calls!

6 – Create a win-win for your business
Attending a Boost User Conference is not only an investment in the individual employee who attends, but rather a win for your entire organization. Highly trained employees act as natural champions for their fellow co-workers, thus increasing the productivity of the overall team. We recommend requiring your attendees to record their learning and present back to co-workers and managers after the conference event.

Register today for the Boost User Conference!
“Totally worth coming! Love that you are continually working to improve and open to ideas and suggestions. Really liked all the presenters and felt like it was a very enjoyable learning experience. Thank you!!” – Heather Jenkins

Our East User Conference is always at our headquarters in Charlotte, NC and the West User Conference is in Vegas, NV. Join us in November for the  West User Conference! [Click here for more details.]

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