Costume Management Tips

Costume management tips

Are costumes on your  mind? It’s that time of the year again! Let Jackrabbit help you organize your costumes and streamline this task for you and your teachers. [Are you new to the Costume Module? Watch our training videos here or ask your questions in our Facebook User Group to see how others use it!] […]

Aged Account Report’s Results Simplified

New Jackrabbit Enhancements

Two changes made to titles and defaults in the Aged Account Report simplify its results: When the Days Outstanding is selected in the search criteria or from the dashboard link, the report will show the days in title. When the Aged Accounts Report is run with the Balance From set to less than or equal […]

Why I Drive an Hour Each Way for My Daughter to Take Dance Lessons

Young dancers at Miss Kathryns Friday Preschool

This testimonial is awesome! We wanted to share with our readers at JackrabbitDance to share how impactful testimonials are. Driving an hour each way is a big time commitment, but parents are willing to go the extra mile for their children.    Angela Floyd and the staff at AFS are the reason our 5 yr […]

Sessions Drop-down Lists Additions Are Preliminary Step to Prorating Tuition

New Jackrabbit Enhancements

Start, End and Registration Dates have been added to the Sessions Drop-down Lists but are not required fields. Here are the details: Class Summary tab is updated. When a session is selected, the start/end/registration dates will default to those values. If these dates already exist for the class, you will be alerted and asked if […]

NEW: New Staff Portal Skills Are Here!

New staff Portal Skills on a tablet

“Jackrabbit has made entering and updating student skills quicker and easier with the Staff Portal’s new skills features. We’ve reduced a 30 minute daily process to 5-10 minutes max! Deck leaders are happy because they can now see student progress and the skills needed to reach the next level! This feature is awesome!” – Buffy […]

Do You Accept Checks as a Form of Payment?

A signed check

Many of you who use Jackrabbit take advantage of the ePayments in the system and even require that all parents have a credit card on file for billing – eliminating checks as a form of payment for their businesses. We believe it is a best practice to use ePayments to speed payment processing and to […]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Live

Social Media Tips with Jackrabbit

If you’re wondering how you can use Facebook Live for your business, you’re not alone! A lot of businesses are just now trying it out – that’s part of the fun with social media. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do have to give it a shot! Here are five ideas of ways […]

Making an Anniversary More Than a One-Day Celebration

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Krupinski Academy of Dance with spirit week.

Initially, you may think of your school’s anniversary as a one-day thing. You may plan a pretty cake with a candle for every year you’ve been in business, perhaps streamers and balloons and maybe even a speech as staff gathers around to make a toast to continued success. But it can be more – much […]

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